PluralSight – Ansible on Windows Fundamentals

PluralSight – Ansible on Windows Fundamentals
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This course equips you with the tools to automate and manage Windows infrastructure seamlessly. This course guides you through creating Ansible playbooks, leveraging roles, and harnessing advanced connection configurations for optimal results.

What you’ll learn

Managing Windows infrastructure traditionally demands significant manual effort and meticulous attention to detail. In this course, Ansible on Windows Fundamentals, you’ll harness the power of Ansible, a leading automation tool, to transform the way you handle Windows systems. First, you’ll delve into the core principles of Ansible, understanding its agentless communication and inventory management. Next, you’ll explore how to design efficient playbooks tailored for both Windows and Linux nodes, incorporating advanced techniques and role management. Lastly, you’ll discover Ansible Galaxy, creating custom modules and establishing advanced connection configurations. By the end of this course, you’ll possess the comprehensive skills and knowledge required to automate, manage, and optimize your Windows infrastructure with unparalleled efficiency using Ansible.

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