Playwright Python and Pytest for Web Automation Testing | Udemy

Playwright Python and Pytest for Web Automation Testing | Udemy
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Learn Playwright and pytest for Web Automation Testing & API Testing with this Comprehensive Course

What you’ll learn
Write python scripts to launch browsers and automate tasks performed usually on websites
Locate web elements using various methods like element role, inner text, form label or placeholder, CSS selectors, and XPath
Perform actions on web elements like hover, click, fill form, select option, upload files, and use keyboard shortcuts
Handle events like auto-waiting, custom waiting for an element to load, page navigations, requests, and downloads
Log in to websites and authenticate yourself using your account like Google accounts
Write a script to automate inbox mail checking for new emails and report the same
Use pytest to write and run test cases and define custom pytest fixtures to share test state/data
Utilize playwright tools like taking screenshots, recording videos, trace viewer, and auto code generator
Apply best practices like web-first assertions, Page Object Models (POM), request interceptions and Parallelism
Test API endpoints, define custom API request context, handle API responses, and mock API custom data
Deploy automated tests using Github CI
Practice Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) with playwright and python behave

Playwright is a modern, fast and reliable browser automation tool from Microsoft that enables testing and automation across all modern browsers including chromium, firefox and webkit. Pytest is a popular Python testing framework that offers a simple and flexible way to write and run tests. In this course, you will learn how to blend Playwright capabilities into the Pytest framework with the use of pytest-playwright plugin.

This course is designed for beginners in mind! It’s alright if you don’t anything about web automation! We will cover all the basics of Playwright and Web Automation Essentials, step by step –

Different method to locate web elements like role, text, css selectors, xpath, etc.

Perform actions on web elements like clicking, filling forms,

Events like Auto-waiting, page navigation, downloads, etc.

Authentication with your google account

As a bonus, we will develop a script to automatically check for new emails in our inbox and report them back i.e. automated mail checking!

After learning web automation, we will start with testing. Again, it’s alright if you’re new to automation testing or testing at all! You’ll go from writing a basic test to deploying automated tests –

Basics of testing with pytest

Playwright pytest plugin

Playwright Tools like trace viewer, codegen, etc.

Web-first assertions using expect( )

Solve modern testing problems with UI Testing Playground

Playwright fixtures, custom setup/teardown using test hooks, , etc.

Implement Page Object Model (POM)

Handle network events

REST API Testing, authentication and API request context

Optimizations techniques like Parallelism

Deploy automated tests to CI

Parameterize tests with predefined test data

Behaviour Driven Development with python behave

and more…

By the end of the course, you will be able to write automated tests and perform fast, reliable, and capable testing and automation using Playwright and Pytest.

Who this course is for:
Beginner python developers who wish to learn web automation testing
Automation testers who wish to learn about Playwright

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