Phoenix LiveView Pro | The Pragmatic Studio

Phoenix LiveView Pro | The Pragmatic Studio
English | Size: 4.88 GB
Genre: eLearning

You’re gonna love how the latest versions of Phoenix and LiveView simplify and unify everything! ?

But who has time to wade through all the books, blog posts, YouTube videos, and so on…

… and decipher the diffs between old and new ways of doing things

… and figure out how all the pieces fit together?

Not you, that’s who!

You’re a busy developer with lots of curiosities to curb.

So we distilled what you need to know about LiveView, assembled it in the right order, and neatly packaged it as a video course that’s paced for experienced, gotta-get-it-done developers like you. ?

It’s a carefully-crafted course that ticks all the boxes so you can quickly start building LiveView apps like a pro with:

real-world mini-projects that solve a variety of common challenges
practical techniques you can immediately apply to your own projects
super-clear explanations so you get good mental models
a look behind the scenes so nothing is left as “magic”
step-by-step progression that fills in all the gaps
meaningful exercises to lock in what you learn
engaging, tightly-edited videos that value YOUR time!
Plus it’s all sizzling hot with new content on HEEx templates, function and live components, declarative assigns, slots, live sessions, presence tracking, JS Commands, and more.



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