Penetration Testing Unveiled: Ethical Hacking & Pentesting | Udemy

Penetration Testing Unveiled: Ethical Hacking & Pentesting | Udemy
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Cyber Range | Penetration | Intrusion Analysis | Vulnerability Testing | Virtual Machines (VM) | Labs | Quizzes

What you’ll learn
Learn the motives and mindset of an attacker
Carry out the penetration testing methodology like a professional
Explore methods to attack devices and servers
Investigate the process of attacking the client side of the network
Explore penetration testing
Experience the process of identifying weaknesses and then attacking them
Learn techniques to penetrate perimeter devices
Explore the challenge of defeating enterprise defenses
Practice a multitude of evasion tactics
Perform penetration testing by using client side tactics
Compete against a live progressive target range
Enhance your professional security testing skills
Develop a roadmap to becoming a professional penetration tester

To effectively secure the networks of today requires the establishment of the hacker mindset. That is, you have to attack your own network to learn how to defend it. A penetration test, colloquially known as a pen test, pentest or ethical hacking, is an authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system.

In this course you learn how to conduct a pentest and what cybersecurity is all about. You will learn how to build and hone the skills to create that mindset of someone who has the sole purpose of attacking a system and/or network. Following the initial skill development, you will learn the process and methodology of professional penetration testing.

You will build the skills and apply techniques to penetrate devices, servers, and clients. Each day you will be presented a scope of work and have a number of targets to engage and attempt to “own.” The targets will be progressive in nature with the size of the attack surface being reduced as your skill sets increase.

By the time you leave the course, you will have performed a number of simulated professional penetration testing engagements as well as drafted a preliminary report of findings. The processes and techniques you will be exposed to have been used to train a number of global penetration testing teams. The system is proven and effective and can be put into place at once.

Your instructor, Kevin Cardwell, is a former senior U.S. Navy cybersecurity expert and the author of multiple books on cybersecurity.

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