Pearson – Rust Programming Part 2 – Rust Advanced Concepts and Real-World Projects

Pearson – Rust Programming Part 2 – Rust Advanced Concepts and Real-World Projects
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13 Hours of Video Instruction
Rust programming for real-world applications.
Rust Programming Part 2: Rust Advanced Concepts and Real-World Projects dives into professional Rust Programming concepts and practices while exploring hands-on skills through demonstrations of real-world applications.

This hands-on course will look at how to organize Rust applications into functions, structures, and traits. You will learn how to use these techniques to achieve familiar object-oriented goals such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. You will also learn how Rust deals with important issues such as generic types and multithreading.

A key objective of the course is for you to understand how to structure large applications properly in Rust. To this end, the course presents a detailed walkthrough of two complete real-world applications. The first application shows how to implement a CSV file parser, and the second application shows how to access a relational database. These applications were designed so you can learn the skills needed to start using Rust effectively and efficiently.

Topics included in this course:
• Structuring Rust Code dives into the details of how to define functions closures (for example,
lambdas), and structs.
• Advanced Rust Programming Concepts delves into defining traits, working with generics, and
implementing multithreading and concurrency. You will also learn about dynamic heap
allocation and integration with other programming languages.
• Real-World Rust in Action shows you how to use Rust for real-world applications. It focuses
on how to implement a CSV file parser and how to use Rust to access a relational database.

Learn How To:
• Use object-oriented programming techniques
• Implement concurrency
• Explore additional Rust techniques
• Implement file handling
• Access a database

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