Pearson – Red Team and Bug Bounty Conference

Pearson – Red Team and Bug Bounty Conference
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Learn adversarial reconnaissance, attack surface mapping, and open-source intelligence (OSINT) in a workshop environment

• Exclusive Insights from Cybersecurity Industry Experts and Founders: This conference video offers a unique opportunity to hear directly from the minds behind the cutting-edge tools and techniques used in the field. Attendees will learn from the founder of the OWASP Amass Project and a seasoned professional in adversarial reconnaissance, among other experts.
• Demonstrations and Hands-On Experience: See practical, hands-on demos focusing on adversarial reconnaissance, attack surface mapping, and open-source intelligence. Each section includes active demos.
• Interactive Q&A: View Q&A sessions that occurred after each live presentation, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of the topics.

Welcome to the Red Team Bug Bounty Conference, a video of the exclusive virtual conference focusing on the cutting-edge tools, tactics, and techniques used in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. This three-hour summit offers a wealth of insights from industry experts and hands-on experiences to elevate your skill set using a Red Team approach, where the speakers instruct through emulating malicious attackers to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential entry points that real attackers could exploit. Each section starts with an industry expert exploring a specific Bug Bounty tool or method, followed by live demos taught in a workshop fashion where you can watch or follow along. Each segment then ends with a Q&A where the demo will be broken down and you can ask questions.

Industry expert, author, and trainer Omar Santos will guide the conversation and share insights. Sections include:

• Adversarial Reconnaissance, with seasoned professional Jason Haddix, offers a deep dive into the tools and strategies used by adversaries, red teamers, and bug bounty hunters during the reconnaissance phase. You’ll get a live walkthrough of various tools, making this a must-attend for anyone in the offensive security, ethical hacking, and bug bounty (bug hunting) space.
• Exploring the Future of Attack Surface Mapping and the OWASP Amass Project with Jeff Foley, the founder of the Amass Project, will enlighten us with an overview of the project’s future direction and its immense potential in advancing ethical hacking and cybersecurity.
• OSINT for Hackers: Unveiling the Power of Open-Source Intelligence with Sandra Stibbards then provides an exciting journey through the world of OSINT, with hands-on demonstrations and discussions about leveraging public data sources for offensive security.

Learn How To:
• Master Adversarial Reconnaissance: Understand the tools and techniques used by adversaries, red teamers, and bug bounty hunters during reconnaissance.
• Understand Attack Surface Mapping: Learn about the importance and application of attack surface mapping in identifying potential vulnerabilities.
• Leverage the OWASP Amass Project: Gain insights into the functionalities and future direction of the Amass Project, a key tool for ethical hacking.
• Unleash the Power of OSINT: Discover how to effectively gather, analyze, and use open-source intelligence (OSINT) in your cybersecurity endeavors.

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