Pearson – Full-stack Web Development With Vue

Pearson – Full-stack Web Development With Vue-iLLiTERATE
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6+ Hours of Video Instruction
Learn how to use Vue, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB to create unique web applications and learn the fundamentals of full-stack development with the MEVN stack.

MEVN (MongoDB, Express.js, Vue, and Node.js) is a popular NEW stack for building full-stack web applications. It allows developers to write an entire application-front-end, back-end, and database-using only JavaScript.

This course takes the approach that it’s best to learn by doing. It demonstrates the key technologies and possibilities of full-stack development with the MEVN stack.

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About the Instructor

Shaun Wassell’s goal is to create a world where people are empowered to use programming as a way to solve meaningful problems-a world where writing code is just as natural for most people as walking or breathing. To help make this a reality, he has dedicated the past few years to helping people learn and master software-development skills through video courses, live training sessions, and one-on-one tutoring.

Shaun has been programming since he was a kid, when creating video games was his gateway into the world of software. Since then, he’s been fortunate enough to be a contributing member on many amazing software projects and work with some incredible mentors along the way.

Skill Level


What You Will Learn

Build a full-stack meal-planning application using Vue, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB
Build a front-end with Vue
Build a server with Node.js and Express
Implement data storage with MongoDB
Walk through full-stack integration
Use REST APIs to load and manage application data

Who Should Take This Course

JavaScript developers/engineers
Front-end developers/engineers
Vue developers/engineers
Back-end developers/engineers
Full-stack developers

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