Pearson – AWS Global Networking in Terraform

Pearson – AWS Global Networking in Terraform
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2.5 Hours of Video Instruction
Automating AWS VPC network deployments with global connectivity using Terraform.


Terraform is one of the most popular and powerful frameworks for implementing IaC (Infrastructure as Code). AWS is the most popular cloud platform. Employers are frequently seeking the combination of these technologies for high-skill and high-paying positions! Learn how to bring these together by creating a global network in AWS using Terraform templates.

This video course shows you how to combine your AWS and Terraform skills while highlighting real-world requirements to discuss the tradeoffs of various network implementation patterns. This course also details how to utilize a global network using different features to understand the complexity and tradeoffs of each decision. This video is full of hands-on demos so you can learn key skills in real time.

Topics included are:

Introduction and Scenario Details – explores the automation technologies including Terraform, as well as the AWS services required to implement resilience in the automation process.
Single Region VPC Deployment – focuses on the single region network architecture. Start with diagramming the network infrastructure and dependencies to understand the resource deployment.
Transit Gateway Deployment – covers the Transit Gateway option for connecting the regional networks, as well as the EC2 instances that will be deployed to validate connectivity.
VPC Peering Deployment – focus on the replacement of Transit Gateways with VPC peering connections and discusses the VPC peering architecture and implementation steps, as well as the differences required for routing network traffic.
Global Network Summary – dives into a few important topics related to our network architecture. Discuss pricing considerations, Transit Gateway and VPC peering solutions.

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