Patata School – The Ultimate Marvelous Designer Course

Patata School – The Ultimate Marvelous Designer Course
English | Tutorial | Size: 890.7MB

Tutorial Duration: 123 minutes | New to Marvelous Designer? Or maybe you’ve used it before but would like to learn some more advanced features? Whatever your reason, this is the course for you.

You’ll learn different tools and techniques to make complex clothing with stitches, buttons, zips, pockets, and even a hooded jacket. You’ll be ready to tackle a project in Marvelous Designer from start to final export.

Welcome to Marvelous Designer
If you’re completely new to Marvelous Designer, this is the place to start. In this section we’ll walk you through the workspace and basic tools and concepts that we’ll apply throughout this long course.

We’ll provide you with the 3D objects and files so you can easily follow along and you’ll learn how to use several different techniques and tools to create a whole outfit full of detail and unique character.

Welcome! (Intro)
01 The Workspace

Making your outfit
In each lesson we’ll create a different item of clothing, teaching you the concepts of pattern design and how to apply them to your character’s unique outfit.

01 T Shirt
02 Dungarees
03 Jacket

Exporting your project
In this section we’ll export your outfit from Marvelous Designer and show you how to add colour and texture in C4D.
01 Exporting your project

02 Adding materials in C4D

Downloads (included)

Cylinder.obj – 41.5 KB
Clothes Sketch.png – 944 KB
Character 01.obj – 3.65 MB
Marvelous – 25.7 MB
C4D File | – 44.5 MB

The Ultimate Marvelous Designer Course
16 Lessons

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