Patata School – Making Food and Drinks in Blender

Patata School – Making Food and Drinks in Blender
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Tutorial Duration: 110 minutes | Want to model your own favourite food & drinks? We’ll guide you through the modelling, colour & texture, lighting, and rendering so that you can hone your 3D skills and get the inspiration and knowledge to create your own artworks. Plus some fun extra tricks like animating liquid and creating different textures and lighting set-ups will take your Blender skills to the next level!

Welcome to making food & drinks in Blender​

In this course you’ll learn how to model each element in this scene, using tools like the subdivision surface, bezier curves, extrude and inset, and many more. As well as creating the entire scene, we have some bonuses like creating an animated liquid and floating bubbles using noise.

With this you’ll have the knowledge to create infinite more 3D, light your scenes like a pro, and render your animation using Cycles.

If you’re new to Blender we recommend you check out our course ‘A Complete Guide to 3D Modelling in Blender'(torrents.php?id=86963&torrentid=86844#torrent86844) to familiarise yourself with the layout and basic tools before jumping into this course.

You’ll be provided with the Blender file to refer back to if ever you get stuck and sketch references for all the objects created in this project.


Modelling the objects​

Modelling the objects: Strawberry
Modelling the objects: Leaf
Modelling the objects: Cup
Modelling the objects: Tea

Colour, Texture & Export​
Animating the Bubbles

Colour, Texture & Lighting

Final Render

Strawberry.png – 368 KB
Strawberry_01.blend – 1.79 MB

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