Packt – Web Applications Architecture Handbook 2022

Packt – Web Applications Architecture Handbook 2022
English | Tutorial | Size: 2.22 MB

Discover an accessible pathway to advancing your career and becoming a web architect by building a solid technical ground in software architecture
Key Features

Follow your desired career path that leads to a lucrative job as a web architect
Develop a solid technical background in software architecture using real-world practices and patterns
Learn proven techniques and design considerations from an industry expert

Book Description

Large-scale web applications require you to write code efficiently following business and architectural considerations. They require web developers to understand the impact of their work on the system and how they can evolve the product.

With this handbook, every developer will find something to take away. This book will help web developers looking to change projects or work on a new project in understanding the context of the application, along with how some design decisions or patterns fit better in their application’s architecture. It acts as a guide, taking you through different levels of professional growth with a focus on best practices, coding guidelines, business considerations, and soft skills that will help you gain the knowledge to craft a career in web development. Finally, you’ll work with examples and ways of applying the discussed concepts in practical situations.

By the end of this book, you’ll have gained valuable insights into what it means to be a web architect, as well as the impact architecture has on a web application.
What you will learn

Understand the context of software architecture, from shaping the product to delivery and beyond
Become well versed in what a web architect’s role means
Explore go-to key concepts for every time you try your hand at app development
Analyze the importance of relationships with stakeholders
Get acquainted with the benefits of well-designed architecture
Dig into and solve myths web developers have come across or created along the way

Who this book is for

This book is for web developers who want to become web architects. Beginner-level web developers will be able to develop a strong technical background, and experienced web developers will learn techniques to become better professionals by understanding the web architect’s role and the impact of efficient architecture on their projects.
Table of Contents

The Role of Architecture
Diving into Some Common Architectural Patterns
Myths about Architecture
Discussing What Good Architecture Is
Design versus Architecture
Types of Architects and Their Focus
Leveraging Soft Skills
Who Codes and Who “Architects”?
Break the Rules

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