Packt – React JS Masterclass – Go From Zero To Job Ready

Packt – React JS Masterclass – Go From Zero To Job Ready
English | Tutorial | Size: 22.91 GB

This course begins with an in-depth introduction to React software and its features, pros and cons of use, and outlines the fundamentals, including components and props, state, hooks, context, and reducers.

Over the course duration, we will explore JSX and components state and props, event handling, and built-in hooks (for example, useState, useEffect, useCallback, and useRef). We will then work with forms and validations and handle form data. We will understand client-side routing with React Router and work with multiple APIs and handle data for projects. You will learn to integrate other libraries and frameworks (for example, Redux) with React. We will explore testing and debugging React apps using popular libraries such as Jest, RTL, and React DevTools. You will then learn about DOM manipulation and manipulating the virtual DOM, server-side rendering, and optimizing the performance of React apps. Finally, we will explore the best practices for structuring and organizing React projects and building and deploying production-ready React apps, including code splitting and optimization techniques.

Upon completing the course, you will be ready to work practically on React and implement the concepts individually! More importantly, you will have the potential to build, test, and deploy your projects created using React and JavaScript.
What You Will Learn

Learn React basics: components, props, hooks, context, and reducers
Explore Tailwind CSS, React Router, Redux, Firebase, React Skeleton
Build a mock eCommerce backend with JSON server and deploy it on Railway
Deploy your created projects on Netlify using Git and GitHub
Test your developed application with Jest and React testing library
Work with multiple APIs to make use of available third-party data

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