Packt – Complete Python Course with 10 Real-World Projects

Packt – Complete Python Course with 10 Real-World Projects
English | Tutorial | Size: 17.59 GB

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language with object-oriented and structured programming fully supported, and many features support functional and aspect-oriented programming (metaprogramming and metaobjects). Several other paradigms are supported through extensions, including design by contract and logical programming.

This course begins with a brief introduction and covers basic to advanced programming techniques in Python. The first 12 sections of the course cover Python basics. The remaining sections cover intermediate to advanced Python concepts (OOPS, classes, lists, modules, functions, JSON, and so on). Learn to use Matplotlib, NumPy, Flask, and Android APK files. Learn database handling and build geographical apps.

The ten buildable apps covered in the course include a volcano web map generator, object detector app, personal website built with Python and Flask, book inventory desktop GUI app with SQL backend, data analysis/visualization dashboard, mobile app on Android and iOS devices, an app that scrapes multiple real estate webpages data, web app to collect user data and sends emails, blog and translator with Django, and web app to process Excel files and download processed files.

Upon completion, you can create executable Python programs independently and master coding syntax and Python comprehensively.

Course Sections

1. Welcome
2. Getting Started with Python
3. The Basics: Data Types
4. The Basics: Operations with Data Types
5: The Basics: Functions and Conditionals
6. The Basics: Processing User Input
7. The Basics: Loops
8. Putting the Pieces Together: Building a Program
9. List Comprehensions
10. More about Functions
11. File Processing
12. Modules
13. Using Python with CSV, JSON, and Excel Files
14. Numerical and Scientific Computing with Python and NumPy
15. App 1: Web Mapping with Python: Interactive Mapping of Population and Volcanoes
16. App 2: Building an English Thesaurus
17. Fixing Programming Errors
18. Image and Video Processing with Python
19. App 3: Controlling the Webcam and Detecting Objects
20: Interactive Data Visualization with Python and Bokeh
21. App 4 (Part 1): Data Analysis and Visualization with Pandas and Matplotlib
22. App 4 (Part 2): Data Analysis and Visualization – in-Browser Interactive Plots
23. App 5: Web Development with Flask – Build a Personal Website
24. Building Desktop Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) with Python
25. Interacting with Databases
26. App 6: GUI Apps and SQL: Build a Book Inventory Desktop GUI DAtabase App
27. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
28. App 7: Movile App Development: Build a Feel-Good app
29. Making and Android APK File from the Kivy App
30. Web Scraping with Python and Beautiful Soup
31. App 8: Web Scraping – Scraping Properties for Sale from the Web
32. App 9: Django and Bootstrap Blog and Translator App
33. App 10: Build a Geography Web App with Flask and Pandas

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