Packt – Build RESTful APIs Using Kotlin and Spring Boot

Packt – Build RESTful APIs Using Kotlin and Spring Boot
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Learn to use Kotlin for server-side development using the Spring Boot framework

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Learn integration testing DB layer using TestContainers and JUnit5
Learn unit testing function calls using the mock library
Build RESTful services using Spring Boot and Kotlin

In Detail

Kotlin is a modern, concise, and safe programming language and is one of the most popular JVM languages currently. It is also interoperable with Java and other languages and provides many ways to reuse code between multiple platforms for productive programming.

Section one covers the course objectives and prerequisites needed to make the most out of this course. In section two, we will be introduced to Kotlin programming language and why it’s a powerful language for enterprise development. Section three is about the fundamentals of Kotlin such as Val and var variables in Kotlin, basic string types, while and do-while, and so on.

Section five is about classes, inheritance, and interfaces in detail, object keywords for creating instances of the class, type checking, casting, and smart cast. In the next section, we will be introduced to collections, arrays, and lambda expressions in Kotlin. We will also understand the scope functions in Kotlin and its usage. Moving on, we will get started with Kotlin and Spring Boot and have an overview of the app we are going to build.

You will also learn to build the course catalog service to manage the courses and to code and learn how to write unit tests for the controller along with coding and learning the usage of RequestParam in the controller endpoint. We will wrap up the course by learning the technique to express relationships in JPA using Entity and data classes in Kotlin.

By the end of this course, you will be comfortable writing code using the Kotlin programming language and building RESTful APIs using Spring Boot and Kotlin.

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