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OWASP Top Ten | Infosec
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As web applications continue to grow in number and popularity, it becomes increasingly important to understand the security risks that are present in these applications. These risks include things like Injection Attacks, Security Misconfiguration, Broken Authentication, XML Attacks, Cross-Site Scripting and many more! In this path, you will learn how the Top Ten list is created, and you will gain a solid understand of each security risk. While the information in the OWASP Top Ten is technical and can be difficult to understand at times, John does a great job of clearly explaining each topic in a very easy-to-understand way. He uses a mix of slides, pictures, videos, real-world examples and demos to help you understand the material. As you progress through each course, you will have the knowledge necessary to know if your web application is vulnerable to any of these risks, and you will understand how to protect yourself from attackers who want to exploit these vulnerabilities.



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