Outsystems for “Software Testers” | Udemy

Outsystems for “Software Testers” | Udemy
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Learn the testing specific fundamentals of Outsystems application and become an Outsystems Tester.

What you’ll learn
How to Test Outsystems based Web application
How to test Outsystems mobile application
Outsystems fundamentals that needs to be learnt as a tester
Outsystems database as a Tester.

Introducing the “Becoming an Outsystems Application Tester” Course!

Are you a Manual or Automation Tester looking to enhance your skills in a high-demand area? Are you a Support Engineer seeking to broaden your understanding of application testing, or a student eager to explore the world of Outsystems? Look no further – this comprehensive course is designed just for you!

Led by Ankit Gangrade, a seasoned 7X certified Outsystems Architect and Trainer with a decade of software engineering experience, this course provides a unique perspective on testing Outsystems applications. Unlike traditional high-code applications, Outsystems presents distinct challenges and nuances in areas such as database operations, test data preparation, log monitoring, API testing, and mobile application testing.

Key Learning Objectives:

Understanding Outsystems Basics: Dive into the fundamentals of Outsystems, gaining a solid foundation in its architecture and development principles. Ankit Gangrade, with his extensive experience, will guide you through the intricacies of this low-code platform.

Database CRUD Operations for Test Data Preparation: Learn the art of performing database CRUD operations specifically tailored for test data preparation in Outsystems applications. Discover efficient strategies to ensure the reliability and consistency of your test data.

Log Monitoring and Performance Analysis: Explore the unique challenges of log monitoring in Outsystems. Ankit will share insights on effectively monitoring application logs and assessing performance to identify potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

API Testing and Monitoring: Delve into the world of API testing with a focus on Outsystems applications. Gain hands-on experience in testing APIs, monitoring their performance, and troubleshooting issues that may arise during integration.

Mobile Application Testing and Build Generation: Uncover the intricacies of testing mobile applications developed on the Outsystems platform. Ankit will guide you through the testing process and demonstrate how to generate robust builds for mobile deployment.

Intended Audience:

Manual and Automation Testers: Elevate your testing skills by gaining insights into the unique challenges posed by Outsystems applications.

Support Engineers: Enhance your ability to troubleshoot and support Outsystems applications with a specialized focus on testing methodologies.

Students: Explore a cutting-edge field and gain practical skills that will set you apart in the competitive world of software development.

Embark on this learning journey with Ankit Gangrade and acquire the skills needed to excel as an Outsystems Application Tester. Enroll now and take a step towards becoming a proficient tester in the dynamic landscape of low-code development!

Who this course is for:
Manual and Automation Testers
L1, L2, and L3 Support Engineers.
Student who want to learn Outsystems testing.





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