OSPF The Ultimate CCIE Enterprise and Infrastructure Exam | Redouane MEDDANE

OSPF The Ultimate CCIE Enterprise and Infrastructure Exam | Redouane MEDDANE
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OSPF Routing Protocol is a big topic in CCIE Enterprise exam, This workbook is written and dedicated for people and candidates who prepare the CCIE Enterprise Exam and looking for an ultimate preparation after finishing studying, looking a way to acquire additional atypical scenarios and an indepth lecture of the most important OSPF’s concept related to the exam such as LSA Types and LSDB which are the core component of OSPF, path selection through regular area and non-regular area, route filtering and some advanced features such as stub router, prefix suppression, forwarding address etc…this workbook gives you the opportunity to definitely master this important topic before passing the CCIE Exam by acquiring a solid skills and learn another view of OSPF, understand what inside OSPF’s behavior, what happen and why this happen, How to override a problem of suboptimal routing, routing loop or path selection using uncommon solution and atypical tricks that you will not find elsewhere.

By traveling through the scenarios involved in the workbook and by reproducing them using the basic configuration at the top of each lab, you will be able to fully understand and master this topic with more than 30 practice labs explained with atypical method so that any OSPF topic in the CCIE Exam will be easy to answer.

The method and the proposed scenarios help you to definitely master this topic before taking the exam, this is an ultimate preparation to enforce your skills and to acquire solid knownledges after attending a global preparation or in depth bootcamp, and you want to be comfortable with this big topic.



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