Orhan Erghun – Spanning tree Protocol layer 2 Course

Orhan Erghun – Spanning tree Protocol layer 2 Course
English | Tutorial | Size: 2 GB

What is STP and why do we need it
• The STP basics
• Configuring the STP on a Cisco Catalyst switch
• Tree structure and the Root Bridge/Switch
• Per VLAN STP and VLAN Based Load Balancing
• STP Timers and tuning them
• Direct Link Failure and UplinkFast
• Indirect Link Failure and BackboneFast
• PortFast for Access and Trunk ports (the considerations)
• BPDU Guard and BPDU Filter
• Root Guard and Loop Guard
• PVST+ BPDU Wireshark capture and analysis
• STP Root Bridge and FHRP Active Gateways and their interaction
• STP vs Rapid STP (All the differences)
• Rapid PVST configuration on a Cisco Catalyst switch
• Rapid PVST BPDU Capture and Analysis
• Comparing different L2 Access Designs (Looped/Loop-Free) and STP considerations
• Enterprise Core and Distribution layer analysis
• L3 Access Design and the STP
• MC-LAG (Multi-chassis Link Aggregation) and STP
• MST analysis and comparison with STP and RSTP

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