OpenAI: Prompt Engineering Best Practices | Pluralsight

OpenAI: Prompt Engineering Best Practices | Pluralsight
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OpenAI’s models are mind-blowingly impressive, even with the simplest of prompts. But they’ve even more impressive with better input. This course will teach you how to create more effective prompts by implementing OpenAI’s best practices.

What you’ll learn
OpenAI’s tools and models are super easy to use, and give impressive results even with the most basic of prompting. But by applying more advanced techniques, you can elevate the quality of your prompts and responses. In this course, OpenAI: Prompt Engineering Best Practices, you’ll learn how to apply best practices to your prompts for OpenAI’s GPT models. First, you’ll explore the art and science of writing clear, concise instructions. Next, you’ll discover the benefits of using reference text with your prompts. Finally, you’ll learn to split complex tasks into smaller parts, and how to look into the “thought processes” of GPT models. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of prompting best practices to be more productive and effective using OpenAI’s tools and models.



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