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Office Productivity Software Specialization | Coursera [Update 07/2023]
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Unlock the potential of office software. Master office productivity software for spreadsheets, documents, and presentations to enhance your workplace efficiency

What you’ll learn
– Build foundational knowledge of software tools commonly used in office settings
– Learn the tips, tricks, and best practices they need to succeed at using office productivity software tools
– Attain practical, hands-on skills in these tools enabling you to succeed in an office environment
– Navigate the Windows desktop, manage files and folders, and install and remove applications

Specialization – 6 course series

Designed for learners of all experience levels, this program equips you with the essential skills needed to use the software tools utilized on a daily basis in office environments. Throughout the program, consisting of a series of mini-courses, you will delve into the different categories of office productivity software, discovering the popular applications within each category. To begin, you will gain a solid foundation in navigating the Windows desktop, managing files and folders, and installing and removing applications.

The in-depth content on mail and calendar software allows you to efficiently handle email communication, search messages, and schedule meetings. You will also become proficient in word processing software, learning to create business documents professionally. Following word processing, you will learn about presentation software and how to convey your ideas. Spreadsheet software is covered next, enabling you to enter and format data, utilize functions, and generate insightful charts. Lastly, content on messaging and collaboration software equips you with the tools to effectively collaborate online with colleagues.

Whether you’re an aspiring professional, a career changer, or an office worker seeking to enhance your skills, this program is applicable to any role within an office. Enroll today to take the first step towards maximizing your productivity and gaining a competitive edge in today’s workplace.

1. Office Productivity Software and Windows Fundamentals
2. Get Started with Mail and Calendar Applications: Outlook
3. Get Started with Word Processing Applications: Word
4. Get Started with Presentation Applications: PowerPoint
5. Get Started with Spreadsheet Applications: Excel
6. Get Started with Messaging & Collaboration Apps: Teams/Zoom

Applied Learning Project

This Specialization has a strong emphasis on applied learning and includes a series of practical, hands-on activities. In these exercises, you’ll take the theory and skills you’ve gained and apply them to real-world software scenarios. Each course will include labs with step-by-step instructions to practice what you have learned. Completing the labs throughout the program will demonstrate your proficiency in working in an office environment.

In addition to the labs throughout the courses in the Specialization, there are many ungraded and graded quizzes to test your knowledge.

Skills you’ll gain

– Video Conferencing
– Messaging
– Microsoft Teams
– Collaboration apps
– Zoom
– Calendars
– Outlook
– Email
– Meeting
– Office Productivity Software
– File Management
– Windows
– microsoft office
– Windows 10
– Microsoft PowerPoint
– Slideshows
– Presentation applications
– Google Slides
– Word processing applications
– Google Docs
– Documents
– Microsoft Word
– Microsoft Excel
– Spreadsheet applications
– Google Sheets



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