Odoo Development Masterclass (updated monthly) | Udemy

Odoo Development Masterclass (updated monthly) | Udemy [Update 12/2023]
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Genre: eLearning

Learn Odoo development ! Get your job at Odoo or an Odoo Partner

What you’ll learn
Mount a local server to work in Odoo
Learn the structure of the module, models, views, controllers, frontend
Learn how to create a new module from scratch
Learn how to extend existing Odoo modules with inheritance
Have notions of Owl, how to patch existing classes

This course will cover all the aspects of Odoo in general. Module from scratch (models, views, security, reports, controllers, frontend development, …) and inheritance will be explained.

Then, I’ll update this course once a month with an in-depth lecture about a subject.

You can vote for the next subject by adding me on LinkedIn and answer the Poll that will appear every month.

The first in-depth lecture will be about Odoo 17 (in January 2024), it’s new features, and removed features, since Odoo 16.

Then, I will let you vote for some subject, or you can even give your own ideas ! It could be: Website Development, Domains in depth, Records in depth, Reports in depth, more information about certain views, create a full module from A to Z (you’d give me the module’s idea). We can also organize Q&A session as Webinars, so that you can ask me in advance all questions you want, and I’ll answer them live with code examples etc.

You can also contact me if you have troubles with your Odoo code. If it’s very specific, I’ll help you directly. If it’s something that could be of interest for most people learning Odoo, I will do a new chapter in the Course (for example, Learner’s Corner, where I’ll add all answers to your questions).

I will also, here and there, add “Tips and Tricks used in my daily developer’s life”, that are Odoo trick I had to use as workaround when something wasn’t easy to do.

All this will make this course an essential to follow. It will help you get started, and then have deep knowledge about everything Odoo has to offer.

See you there !

Who this course is for:
Developer wanting to learn a new framework
Developer wanting to work at Odoo
Odoo developer not knowing how to do something that is in this course





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