Nick Radge – Unholy Grails

Nick Radge – Unholy Grails
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What s the fastest way to lose money? Follow the herd. Nick Radge stopped following the herd many years ago. As a trader and stock broker, Nick learnt to recognise what the herd were doing and how they react to financial information. He also realised that it made no sense.

Are you one of the herd?

Here s a test: If a stock’s price is falling do you think it represents good value, i.e. it s cheap?

OneTel and HIH were not cheap when they eventually delisted in 2001. ABC Learning was not cheap when it delisted in 2008. How about Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Trump Entertainment or Kodak? Billabong does not look cheap at the moment!

A stock price in motion tends to stay in motion; Unholy Grails will show you how to be on the positive side of this statement.

Nick Radge is focused on momentum investing; purchasing stocks that are trending up. Nick shows you how to hitch a ride on stocks in an uptrend or protect your capital during sustained bear markets.

Unholy Grails goes against almost everything your stock broker, financial planner and your fund manager will ever tell you. Considering that in 2008 capital managed by fund managers dropped up to 50% we are in desperate need of an alternative way of thinking. In Unholy Grails, Nick Radge details a road less travelled; a compilation of practical strategies for investors looking for long term gains with minimum daily effort.

“I am shocked that so many Mum and Dad investors were financially and emotionally battered during the GFC. The financial planners and fund managers they were relying on for advice gave them no advice: just the same old ‘buy and hold’ strategy that simply does not work in a collapsing market. In Unholy Grails I define specific strategies for investors, allowing them to manage their own investments and stop paying fees to financial planners and advisors,” said the author, Nick Radge.

Whether investing for your retirement or using an active investment strategy to manage your personal wealth, Nick Radge examines and tests numerous investment strategies to help determine the right one for you.

Don t expect the same old, worn out advice from Nick Radge. His latest book is not called Unholy Grails for nothing!

Format: EPUB
Length: 145 pages
Published: 2012 by Radge Publishing
ISBN: 0980871212

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