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NgRx (with NgRx Data) – The Complete Guide (Angular 16) | Udemy [Update 11/2023]
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Learn the modern NgRx Ecosystem, including NgRx Data, Store, Effects, Router Store, NgRx Entity, and DevTools

What you’ll learn
Code in Github repository with downloadable ZIP files per section
Become familiar with the centralized store pattern, and how to use it in Angular
Know when to use a centralized store solution and why
Learn how to use NgRx Data to handle entity data with minimal code
Learn In-depth NgRx Store, understand in detail all core store patterns, including Reducers and Actions
Learn in detail NgRx Effects, learn when to use a side-effect
Learn in detail NgRx Entity, when to use and why, learn what are the benefits
Transform step-by-step an existing Angular plain application, and turn it into a store based application
Learn to implement common functionality in NgRx, such as Authentication or Entity Pagination
Learn NgRx in-depth in a fun and practical way, by implementing real use cases

This course is a complete guide to the new NgRx Ecosystem, including NgRx Data, Store, Effects, Router Store, NgRx Entity, and DevTools, and comes with a running Github repo

This Course in a Nutshell

State management is the number one topic to know when it comes to frontend architecture design choices. Why choose to do state management in a single page application, when to do it and why, what are the benefits, and what are tradeoffs?

These are all critical questions that we will address in this course, as we give you an extended guided tour of the NgRx Ecosystem.

The most popular state management library in the Angular space is NgRx, and for good reasons. The latest release of NgRx is probably one of the most important releases in the whole Angular ecosystem recently. Although backward compatible, it contains so much new functionality that it’s almost a brand new state management library.

Under the hood, the core concepts of Actions, Reducers, Effects, Entities, and Selectors remain the same, but we have now a brand new API for managing these concepts in a much less verbose way. Also, we have the inclusion of NgRx Data, which is a new and very powerful way of managing Entity Data.

Actually, NgRx Data is a powerful abstraction layer on top of NgRx, that allows us to add state management to large parts of our application without having to write much code at all!

Course Overview

In this course, we are going to take a small existing application that is built without any state management. We are going to understand what are the consequences of not doing state management by identifying some problems that the application has in its initial form.

Then we are going to start refactoring the application, and we are going to add state management to the application multiple screens step-by-step. We are going to start with the Authentication features of the application, and then we are going to move on to the entity data management part.

We are going to explain at length all the key concepts of NgRx: Actions, Reducers, Effects, and Selectors, and we are going to explain in detail the Store architecture itself and understand its benefits.

Throughout the course we are going to introduce step-by-step and explain in detail the NgRx Store module, NgRx Effects, we are going to cover in detail NgRx Entity and the Entity format, we are going to install and do a guided tour of the NgRx Dev Tools, the NgRx Router Store, and the time-travelling debugger.

We are also going to learn how to make the most out of NgRx Data, and learn how to customize it in order to manage entity data with minimal application code. We will cover NgRx while keeping in mind best practices like good Action hygiene.

Table of Contents

This course covers the following topics:

Introduction to State Management

The Store Architecture In Detail

NgRx Key Concepts

Actions and Action Creators


NgRx Effects


Adding Authentication to an NgRx Application

NgRx Entity and the Entity Format

NgRx DevTools

NgRx Time Travelling Debugger

NgRx Runtime checks and Store Immutability

NgRx Router Store

NgRx Data and Entity State Management

NgRx Best Practices

What Will You Learn In this Course?

At the end of this course, you will feel comfortable with the notions of state management and the centralized store solution in general.

You will feel comfortable designing new Applications using NgRx, using a simple methodology and you will know in-depth the complete Ngrx library ecosystem: including the Ngrx Store, Effects, Entity, and NgRx Data libraries.

You will know how to quickly scaffold parts of the solution using Ngrx Schematics, and how to set up the Ngrx DevTools from scratch, including the router integration.

Who this course is for:
Angular Developers looking to learn in-depth the modern NgRx Ecosystem, including Ngrx Store, Effects, Router Store, Ngrx Entity, DevTools and Schematics!







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