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MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams Training & Lab Simulations | Udemy [Update 10/2023]
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Microsoft Teams Teamwork Administrator Associate certification course and MS-700 exam preparation. Simulations included!

What you’ll learn
Learn the concepts & perform hands on lab activities needed to pass the MS-700 exam & gain a huge amount of knowledge involving Microsoft Teams Administration
Gain a tremendous amount of knowledge involving Microsoft Teams
Get loads of hands on experience with Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and Teams
Utilize hands on simulations that can be access anytime, anywhere!

We really hope you’ll agree, this training is way more then the average course on Udemy!

Have access to the following:

Training from an instructor of over 20 years who has helped thousands on their certification journey

Lecture that explains the concepts in an easy to learn method for someone that is just starting out with this material

Instructor led hands on that can be followed even if you have little to no experience



Welcome to the course

Understanding the Microsoft Environment

A Foundation of Active Directory Domains

A Foundation of RAS, DMZ, and Virtualization

A Foundation of the Microsoft Cloud Services

Creating a free Microsoft 365 Azure AD Account

Introduction to Teams

Questions for John Christopher

Order of concepts covered in the course

Plan and configure network settings for Teams

Calculate network bandwidth capacity for Teams voice, video, meetings, & live

Analyze network impact by using Network planner

Specify network ports and protocols used by Teams

Specify optimal network architecture for Teams with QoS

Assess network readiness & connectivity by using the Network Assessment Tools

Create and manage teams

Create a team by using the MS Teams admin center, Teams client, or PowerShell

Create a team from an existing Microsoft 365 group, SharePoint site, or team

Create a team from a template

Create and manage Teams templates and template policies

Manage the membership of a team

Assign and modify user roles in a team

Manage a team in the Microsoft Teams admin center

Manage Teams environment settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center

Configure privacy and sensitivity settings for Teams

Manage channels and chats

Recommend channel types, including standard, private, and shared

Add, edit, remove channels and manage membership

Manage Teams channel settings

Create and manage teams policies for channels

Create and manage messaging policies

Manage security and compliance settings for Teams

Identify licensing requirements for security and compliance features

Specify security and compliance alert policies for Teams

Choose appropriate Teams administrator roles

Plan and configure Enhanced encryption policies

Plan and configure threat policies in Microsoft 365 Defender

Plan and configure retention policies

Understanding sensitivity labels

Plan and configure sensitivity labels and policies

Understanding data loss prevention (DLP)

Plan and configure data loss prevention (DLP) policies

Understanding Conditional Access Policies

Plan Conditional Access for Teams

Plan and configure information barrier (IB) policies

Identify appropriate use cases for communication compliance and insider risk

Plan and implement governance and lifecycle management

Licensing requirements for advanced lifecycle management of teams

Identify where Teams stores content

Plan & manage update policies, Public Preview, OfficeInsider, & Targeted release

Create and manage policy packages in Teams

Plan and configure policy assignment for users and groups

Configure settings for Microsoft 365 group creation

Configure an expiration policy for Microsoft 365 groups

Adding an additional teams license

Understanding naming policies for Microsoft 365 groups

Configure a naming policy for Microsoft 365 groups, including blocked words

Archive, delete, or unarchive one or more teams

Restore or troubleshoot the deletion of a Microsoft 365 group

Identify when to use access reviews in Azure AD for members and guests

Configure and manage external collaboration

Identify licensing requirements for external collaboration

Configure SharePoint Online and OneDrive external sharing settings

Configure External access in the Microsoft Teams admin center

Configure External collaboration settings in Azure AD for guest access

Control guest access to a specific team, including sensitivity labels & Azure AD

Remove guests from Teams, including from a team or a tenant

Configure & manage cross-tenant access for B2B direct connect shared channels

Manage apps for Teams

Manage Org-wide app settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center

Create and manage app permission policies along with consent and blocking apps

Create and manage app setup policies

Manage purchasing of apps in the Teams app store

Customize the appearance of the Teams app store

Customize the branded experience of an app

Upload an app to Teams

Manage meetings and events

Recommend meeting types, including live events, webinars, & virtual appointments

Enable enhanced meeting features for a user by assigning Microsoft Teams Premium licenses

Configure meeting settings

Create and manage meeting templates and template policies

Create and manage meeting policies

Create and manage conference bridges

Create and manage audio conferencing policies

Plan and configure live events settings and policies

Manage Teams clients and devices

Identify licensing requirements for Teams Phone and resource accounts

Identify licensing requirements for Teams devices

Manage configuration profiles for Teams devices

Configure Teams Rooms accounts and systems

Manage device settings and firmware

Manage Teams device tags

Provision and configure remote sign-in for new devices

Manage phone numbers and services for Teams Phone

Evaluate PSTN,Calling Plan,Direct Routing,Operator Connect, & Teams Phone Mobile

Add, change, or remove an emergency address for an organization

Provision and manage phone numbers for users, services, and conferencing bridges

Assign, change, or remove a phone number for a user or a resource account

Create and manage resource accounts in the Microsoft Teams admin center

Manage voice settings and policies for users

Create and manage voicemail policies

Configure auto-attendants and call queues

Create and manage calling policies

Monitor and report on Teams

Monitor and report on voice and meeting quality

Report on Teams usage,team activity,app usage,active users,per-meeting & storage

Monitor and report on the creation and deletion of teams

Monitor and report on guest access

Monitor the Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool

Manage feedback policies

Troubleshoot audio, video, and client issues

Collect client-side logs

Clear the Teams client cache

Troubleshoot issues by using self-help diagnostics for Teams

Who this course is for:
IT people interested in learning and passing the Microsoft MS-700 Exam
People interested in learning a tremendous amount about Microsoft Teams Administration





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