MQL5 PROJECTS: Code the Black Swan Trading Strategy in MQL5 | Udemy

MQL5 PROJECTS: Code the Black Swan Trading Strategy in MQL5 | Udemy
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A complete guide to coding the Black Swan EA using MQL5

What you’ll learn
How to trade with the Black Swan trading system
How to translate a trading strategy into code.
How to implement Time zone filters into EAs
How to implement Daily Profit and Loss Targets into EAs

For most retail traders, the main objective of trading any financial instrument is to earn a profit, and there is nothing more tempting than an almost guaranteed system that ensures that you earn it.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a system that ensures that you consistently make profits as long as the markets move. Imagine having a system that ensures that you wont ever have to worry about making the wrong market analysis or losing a trade in the market. Imagine entering a trade with a very high degree of certainty that even though you might lose it, in the end, you will have more money than you previously did.

At the centerpiece of this course is the Black Swan trading strategy, which offers a unique approach to managing trades. The strategy ensures that when we are wrong about the market direction, we close our trades at a loss, then recover that loss with a high probability of certainty that eventually we shall make our money back as we trade in the prevailing market direction. If we are correct about the market direction, we capitalize on our winning trades and continue trading in that direction.

To increase our chances of success, we shall build a trading sessions filter that will ensure that we only trade during specific time intervals where high momentum and activity is expected.

We shall also code daily profit and loss limit functions to control how much we are willing to make or lose per day to ensure that we minimize our exposure to black swan events that can limit the success of the strategy.

Throughout this course, we will guide you through the main protocols of the strategy and teach you how to code using the MQL5 language. We will conduct thorough testing to explore its strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to exploit its ideas effectively.

if you’re an algorithmic trader seeking new ideas for managing your open trades, then this course is definitely tailored for you. By the end of this course, you’ll be enriched with fresh concepts for your own algorithmic trading projects. Lets embark on this exciting journey together. Hit hard on that enroll button now and join us in this incredible journey of coding the Black Swan trading system.

Who this course is for:
Anyone willing to learn a new trading system.
Anyone willing to learn how to translate a trading system into MQL5 code.
Anyone willing to learn how to learn how to create a Daily Profit and Loss limit functions
Anyone willing to learn how to create a Time zone filter function



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