Most Complete Teaching of Network Switching by Arash Deljoo | Udemy

Most Complete Teaching of Network Switching by Arash Deljoo | Udemy
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Ethernet Switching

What you’ll learn
Switching – Ethernet LANs Fundamentals – Physical
Switching – Ethernet LANs Fundamentals – Physical and DataLink
Switching – Ethernet LANs Fundamentals – DataLink
Switching – Ethernet Lan Media
Switching – Power Over Ethernet ( POE )
Switching – Wake On LAN ( WOL )
Switching – Switch Introduction and Console Connection
Switching – Command Line Interface [CLI] Fundamentals
Switching – Basic Switch Management
Switching – Switch Interfaces
Switching – Ethernet LAN Switching
Switching – Switch Miscellaneous Topics
Switching – Virtual LAN [ VLAN ]
Switching – Access and Trunk Interface
Switching – Allowed VLANs and DTP
Switching – VTP and Voice VLAN
Switching – Inter VLAN Routing – ROAS
Switching – Multi Layser Switching [MLS]
Switching – Spanning-Tree Protocol
Switching – STP Uplinkfast
Switching – STP Backbone Fast
Switching – Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol [RSTP]
Switching – Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol [MST]
Switching – EtherChannel
Switching – Etherchannel Bundle or Aggregation Advanced Features
Switching – Switch Port Security
Switching – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol [DHCP]
Switching – DHCP Snooping
Switching – Dynamic ARP Inspection [DAI]
Switching – LAN Architecture
Switching – Hierarchical LAN Design Model
Switching – Campus LAN Design and Best Practices
Switching – Enterprise Network Architecture Options
Switching – Hot Standby Router Protocol [HSRP]
Switching – Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol [VRRP]
Switching – Gateway Load Balancing Protocol [GLBP]
Switching – High Availability Network Services
Switching – Port ACL [PACL]
Switching – VLAN ACL [VACL]

I congratulate you on entering the most complete training course on Switching topics. In this course, all the materials related to switching communications in educational networks are given.

This course has been produced to teach Ethernet Switching Concept and Configuration in CCNA/CCNP/CCIE level topics.

In this training course, in addition to presenting the basic concepts of switching, intermediate and advanced topics are also fully taught.

In this training course, the materials are taught from basic to advanced levels. All contents are explained in detail both in concepts and in configuration. Many scenarios have been implemented in this training course, which help a lot to understand the contents deeper and more fully. All scenarios will be provided to you with this class.

In this lesson, I have used simulators and emulators to present the content and implement the scenarios, which you can easily build these labs at home and implement all the scenarios yourself.

It is possible to update the contents of this training course in the future. In fact, this course is a repository of switching topics that will be more complete over time.

After learning the topics of this training course, you can easily answer all questions related to switching topics in job interviews or exams.

Who this course is for:
Network Engineers



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