Most Complete Teaching of MPLS-TE by Arash Deljoo | Udemy

Most Complete Teaching of MPLS-TE by Arash Deljoo | Udemy
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MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE)

What you’ll learn
MPLS-TE Fundamental
MPLS-TE Basic Configuration and Verification
MPLS-TE Explicit Tunnel [ OSPF ]
MPLS-TE OSPF Opaque LSA Type-10 and RSVP Concepts
MPLS-TE Explicit Tunnel [ IS-IS ]
MPLS-TE Multiple Explicit Tunnel [ ISIS ]
MPLS-TE Multiple Explicit Tunnel using PBR [ OSPF ]
MPLS-TE Dynamic Tunnel [ OSPF ]
MPLS-TE Semi-Dynamic Tunnel Using Exclude Address [ ISIS ]
MPLS-TE Semi-Dynamic Tunnel with Loose Next-Hop [ ISIS ]
MPLS-TE Auto Bandwidth
MPLS-TE Affinity-Attribute-Flag
MPLS-TE Administrative Weight
MPLS-TE Setup and Hold Priority
MPLS-TE Reoptimization
MPLS-TE Autoroute Announce and Metric
MPLS-TE Forwarding Adjacency
MPLS-TE Class Based Tunnel Selection [ CBTS ]
MPLS-TE AToM Tunnel Selection
MPLS-TE Cost Calculation
MPLS-TE Equal Cost Load Sharing
MPLS-TE Unequal Cost Load Sharing
MPLS-TE Adjusting the Cost Calculation
MPLS-TE RSVP , Labels , RSVP Messages
MPLS-TE RSVP Messages Details
MPLS-TE Link Manager
MPLS-TE Fast ReRoute [FRR] – Link Protection
MPLS-TE Fast ReRoute [FRR] – Node Protection
MPLS-TE Fast ReRoute [FRR] – Multiple Backup Tunnel [NNHOP]
MPLS-TE Fast ReRoute [FRR] – Multiple Backup Tunnel [NHOP,NNHOP]
MPLS-TE Fast ReRoute [FRR] – Multiple Backup Tunnel [SRLG]
MPLS-TE Fast ReRoute [FRR] – Multiple Backup Tunnel [Backup Bandwidth – Promotion]
MPLS-TE Path Protection
MPLS-TE and MPLS VPN – PE-to-PE Tunnel
MPLS-TE and MPLS VPN – VRF-to-PE Tunnel
MPLS-TE and MPLS VPN – PE-to-P Tunnel
MPLS-TE and MPLS VPN – PE-to-P – Targeted Tunnel
MPLS-TE Inter-Area TE Tunnel [ OSPF ]
MPLS-TE Inter-Area TE Tunnel [ IS-IS ]

MPLS TE Training covers all the aspects of the MPLS Traffic Engineering capabilities and principals.

MPLS TE is the process of steering traffic across to the backbone to facilitate efficient use of available bandwidth between a pair of routers. MPLS TE Training also covers deploying MPLS Traffic Engineering designs. It focuses on the features of most of available routers as well as advanced technologies. It also covers network design, system configuration and troubleshooting.

MPLS Te training is a self-paced training provides attendees with in-depth knowledge and skills needed to implement MPLS Traffic Engineering: topics include introduction to Open Shortest Path First- Traffic Engineering (OSPF-TE), Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) and features such as Fast Re-route. Advanced topics include administrative groups, LSP primary/ Secondary path selection, and troubleshooting.

MPLS Traffic Engineering Training Course covers many important aspects of MPLS TE including:

MPLS Traffic Engineering Principals

Benefits and Restrictions

Why Use MPLS Traffic Engineering?

How MPLS Traffic Engineering Works

Traffic Engineering Techniques in MPLS

MPLS Traffic Engineering Mapping Traffic into Tunnels

MPLS Traffic Engineering Special Cases and Exceptions

MPLS Traffic Engineering Configuration case Studies

MPLS Traffic Engineering Related Features and Technologies

Upon completion of this course, you ‘ll learn:

What MPLS Traffic Engineering is and why it is used

MPLS Traffic Engineering benefits and restrictions

How MPLS Traffic Engineering works

MPLS peer-to-peer architecture, label definition and allocation, routing update distribution, and packet forwarding model

How MPLS implements traffic engineering and constraint-based path and routes

How to Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot MPLS Carrier including MPLS Traffic Engineering architecture

How to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot Layer 2 services over MPLS

Configuring RSVP-based Tunnels

Configuring IS-IS and OSPF for MPLS Traffic Enginering

Configuring an MPLS Traffic Engineering Tunnel

Configuring an MPLS Traffic Engineering Tunnel to be Used by an IGP

Example of an MPLS Traffic Engineering Tunnel Configuration

Who this course is for:
MPLS VPN and MPLS TE designers and architect, Pre- and post-sales technical support engineers, testers, and anyone else involved in validating and verifying advanced MPLS services (QoS, transport, security) in the Service Provider backbones.



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