Modern Software Testing Techniques – A Practical Guide for Developers and Testers – Apress (2024)

Modern Software Testing Techniques – A Practical Guide for Developers and Testers – Apress (2024)
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Dive into the realm of software testing with a fresh perspective in “Modern Software Testing Techniques.” Authored by István Forgács and Attila Kovács, this book departs from traditional testing methodologies to introduce innovative techniques aimed at uncovering a wide array of software faults. Covering Two-Phase Model-Based Testing, Action-State Testing, and General Predicate Testing, this book provides a comprehensive toolkit for developers and QA engineers to enhance their test designs with fault-revealing capabilities. Beyond the ISTQB knowledge base, the book offers a deep dive into efficient fault-based testing, empowering you to elevate the quality of your applications.

What You’ll Learn

Master efficient test design techniques for pinpointing domain faults.
Harness the power of modeling techniques that blend the best of state transition testing and use case testing.
Grasp the two-phase model-based testing technique for generating abstract tests from high-level models.
Learn to use test design effectively to uncover nearly all bugs in an application.
Collaborate more effectively in teams of developers and testers for optimal outcomes.

Who This Book Is For
Software developers, QA engineers, business analysts, and anyone involved in the software development lifecycle. Whether you’re seeking to refine your testing strategy or explore advanced testing methodologies, this book provides valuable insights and practical approaches to modern software testing.

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