Modern PHP: The Complete Guide – from Beginner to Advanced | Udemy

Modern PHP: The Complete Guide – from Beginner to Advanced | Udemy [Update 03/2024]
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Master the programming language that powers the web: Learn PHP and kickstart a lucrative web developer career

What you’ll learn
Kickstart your tech career: Learn PHP, the language that powers more than 75% of websites, to land your first job, become a well-paid freelancer or get promoted
Learn modern PHP: PHP has changed a lot. Master the modern way of writing PHP, and get ready to actually use it in the current workplace
Lay solid programming foundations: once you know PHP, learning other languages will become much easier
Focus on building: Together, we will create simple websites, image galleries, login systems and even a fully fledged content management system (CMS)
Grasp the ‘why’ behind PHP: Only the most sought-after web developers know this
Learn with fun and interactive exercises: never forget the fundamental PHP concepts and applications
Master the MVC framework: Develop your own MVC framework, which enables you to write large-scale web applications and charge higher prices for your projects
Become a master debugger: learn how to debug even the most complex PHP errors and make your application 100% secure

*** Learn the modern way of writing PHP *** with 30 interactive exercises ***

Are you looking for an interactive, step-by-step program to master modern PHP and kickstart your career as a web developer in 2024? Then read on.

Many say that PHP is dead. But the truth is, PHP still powers 75% of online web applications today. This means that if you’re looking to get a job as a web developer, or start a lucrative freelance career, you will encounter PHP.

The problem is, many courses focus on an old way of writing PHP, which is becoming outdated in the market. Following these programs will just make you frustrated because the code won’t scale and will be difficult to maintain. You won’t learn the required practices needed to build big-scale web applications, and therefore will never be able to kickstart a fulfilling career as a PHP developer.

This program aims to change that.

I designed this course to help you master PHP, step by step from beginner to pro, but in a way how it’s written nowadays. We’ll focus on mastering the concepts that can get you from 0 to building a simple content management system (CMS) with your own framework.

We will start with simple PHP code, but step by step, we’ll introduce additional, concepts that turn PHP into a modern, powerful language: Object oriented programming, namespaces, autoloading, PSR-4, inheritance, PDO, MVC framework – just to name a few.

Also, you will learn about best-practices that help you prevent security attacks. You will learn how to prevent cross-site-scripting (XSS) attacks, SQL injections, privilege escalation attacks and even more. Being aware and being able to mitigate those risks is essential if you want to become a sought-after freelancer or an in-demand senior developer that companies can rely on.

And mind you, this course isn’t just be theoretical. The chapters are packed with practical examples, engaging quizzes, and real-world scenarios that will make this experience fun and engaging. Plus, at the end of the course, you will also have built several projects you can showcase and use in your portfolio!

Last but not least, you will also learn the ‘why’ behind PHP – so that you feel confident to go out there and apply this knowledge to real-life projects.

So, after this course you will also be able to master various development styles. This course covers it all:

From simple PHP scripts for smaller projects

Over object oriented scripts for medium-sized projects

Up to MVC-Frameworks for large-scale projects

This allows you to develop professionally and know when you should use which style.

Some things you will learn:

PHP basics

How to run file uploads

How a web server works

How to access a database and write a guestbook

How to embed PHP in HTML

Functions, arrays, strings, if conditions,…

Control a database (MySQL / phpmyadmin)

How to create simple websites with PHP scripts

How to create an image gallery with upload functionality

How to write a CMS with object orientation & MVC patterns

Cookies & Sessions: Create a login system (and a cookie notice)

Learn how to keep track of complex projects with advanced PHP features (namespaces, autoloading, PSR-4, MVC patterns, container patterns, inheritance, …)

The german version of this course is already the most popular PHP course on the German market here on Udemy. With this enhanced, english version, I’m opening this knowledge to the international market.

Enroll now and get your foot in the exciting world of web development!

Who this course is for:
Beginners: This course is the perfect solution for beginners looking to become experts in PHP thanks to its easy-to-follow exercises and self-paced structure
Intermediate Users: If you already have some experience, you can benefit from delving deep into more complex topics like object-oriented programming, APIs and SQL queries
Web Developers: Learn the programming language that can help you increase your prices, land exciting job opportunities or advance in your career in 2023
Enthusiasts & Hobbyists: PHP is the perfect language to build exciting projects, launch servers and start your next applications



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