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Modern Asynchronous JavaScript | Pluralsight
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When it comes to writing asynchronous code in JavaScript, callbacks can be a hassle. In this course, you’ll see alternatives to callbacks, including ES6 promises, and how to combine generators with promises to write async code in a synchronous style.

What you’ll learn
In this course, Modern Asynchronous JavaScript, you will learn how to write asynchronous code that’s a joy to maintain, not a burden. You will learn how to reason about promises, an alternative to callbacks, by creating a promise framework. Seeing promises from the perspective of a producer helps reason better about being the consumer of promise based APIs. Then, you will learn about ES6 generators and how to combine them with promises to write code that looks synchronous but that’s actually asynchronous. This style cuts out the inherent verbosity of callbacks and even promises alone. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll know how to write asynchronous code in a fashion that’s not a hassle to maintain.

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