MikroTik RouterOS v7 Hardening LABS | Udemy

MikroTik RouterOS v7 Hardening LABS | Udemy
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Secure your MikroTik RouterOS and make it hard on intruders & attackers to penetrate into your network

What you’ll learn
Have a more secure network after securing the Mikrotik Router
Configuring Port Knocking for login safety
Disabling un-secure protocols like FTP, Telnet, www, api….
Securing MikroTik LCD Screentouch access
Allowing users to login to the router on a time interval
Creating different users levels and manage users’ groups
Exploit the security holes on MikroTik and secure them
Using “address-list” for Port Knocking security
Using NMAP software to scan the vulnerabilities and open ports on the Mikrotik router
Understand the different chains available in the firewall of the Mikrotik
Unsderstand the correct usage of the Firewall chains: Input, Output, Forward
Understand the different type of connections: New, Established, related, invalid
Understand the different types of security measurement in MikroTik

This course is designed for engineers who are working on MikroTik routers and who have them installed on their network.

MikroTik routers are very nice routers when it comes on the different packages that they have installed by default and features that you can configure, but they can be also very dangerous if we do not secure them correctly.

For this reason, I have designed with course with many LABs to show you how you can secure your MikroTik router and make it hard for intruders/attackers to profit from the vulnerabilities on your MikroTik router and gain access to your router and your network.

This course is based on different LABS which goes based on step-by-step and with a lot of explanation on each of the LABs.

For the whole course, I will be using the latest MikroTik RouterOS v7 for all the LABS. To be able to follow this course and repeat the LABS, you require to have only 1 MikroTik router (only in 1 LAB you need 2 MikroTik routers). You can also using virtual CHR images to follow this course, so you don’t have to invest in buying a physical MikroTik router.

I look forward to see you in my course.

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in securing the MikroTik RouterOS
Anyone who would like to implement security on his MikroTik router(s) at his job





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