MikroTik Enterprise Wireless Engineer with LABS | Udemy

MikroTik Enterprise Wireless Engineer with LABS | Udemy
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Understand how to implements a wireless network for an enterprise and be ready for the MikroTik MTCEWE exam

What you’ll learn
Be able to configure wireless network for an enterprise using MikroTik products
Understand everything related to Wireless
Understand the need of MikroTik CAPsMAN and configure it
Be prepared for the MikroTik MTCEWE certification exam

The wireless has been as important as food in our life. Without the wireless connectivity, we aren’t able to use the wireless internet service and move from one place to another while remain connected.

However, wireless by itself is a huge topic and it is important that you understand it to be able to configure the wireless correctly.

In this course, I am going to explain to all all aspects that you need to understand about Wireless, and I will show you how to configure the wireless using MikroTik product for an enterprise environment. So think if you want to configure a wireless network for a school, university, hospital, company, NGO, etc…. You need 1st to understand how the wireless works and know how to configure on MikroTik products then you are able to configure for your customer.

In this course I will speak about the following points:

WLAN Fundamental

Wireless Tool on MikroTik

Wireless Frequency mode and TX power change

MikroTik wireless data rate and chains

wireless link quality – Troubleshooting

Channel width, channel bonding and guard interval

MikroTik wireless repeater

Wireless security

MikroTik CAPsMAN and CAPS

This course is ideal for anyone who wish to configure wireless using MikroTik products. This course will also make you ready for the MikroTik MTCEWE certification exam.

If you wish to understand wireless on MikroTik and be ready for the MikroTik MTCEWE certification exam, please join this course and you will surely achieve your goal

Who this course is for:
MikroTik engineers who wish to implement a wireless network for an Enterprise using MikroTik products
Students who are preparing for the MikroTik MTCEWE exam





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