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Microsoft Azure for .NET Developers | Udemy [Update 06/2023]
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Genre: eLearning

Microsoft Azure | ASP.NET Core | App Service | Cosmos DB | Azure SQL | Service Bus | Azure AD | Azure Functions | Blob

What you’ll learn
How to integrate with Microsoft Azure APIs and SDKs
Microsoft Azure Portal and Resource Management
Accessing Microsoft Azure APIs from .NET Core Application
How To Publish .NET Core App to Azure
How to Provision and Manipulate Azure SQL Database
How to use Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
How to use Microsoft Azure Services Bus (Message Queues)
Understand Microsoft Azure Pricing Models and Locations
Microsoft Azure AD (Enterprise and B2C)

Microsoft Azure is the premiere cloud platform from Microsoft. It is an excellent space for hosting .NET applications and the modern .NET developer must be comfortable navigating the different services and features and using the cloud hosting platform to produce top-notch enterprise applications.

In this course, you will get familiar with Microsoft Azure, it’s interface, and various services. You will provision and then use Microsoft Azure resources and services and have an appreciation for how everything connects and can contribute to your stable and modern application being developed.

Along the way, you will learn how to:

Navigate and customize Azure Portal

Lean to use Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell

Provision Virtual Machines on Azure

Provision and use Azure App Services

Monitor web applications for performance and potential errors using Application Insights

Scale applications and databases based on load

Setup Deployment Slots

Setup continuous deployment with GitHub Actions and Azure Web App Services

How to manage application secrets in .NET Applications

Use Azure SQL and understand the different hosting models

Use Azure Blob Storage

Use Azure Cosmos DB

Use Azure Service Bus and Queues

Build and Deploy Azure Functions

Integrate Advanced .NET Application Security with Azure AD and Azure AD B2C

By the end of this course, you should have a fundamental understanding of what Microsoft Azure is and hits many services, and third-party tools can best serve your context.

This course aligns with training required for the Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure examination, though it is not an official training guide. It is perfect for you if you need to know enough about developing with Azure to be functional in your workspace, without taking the exam.

Having a foundation in ASP.NET Core development will come as a plus, because we will be focusing less on the fundamentals and only be making modifications to an existing application as needed to complete the tasks in this course. If you are unfamiliar with ASP.NET Core, you may visit the course Complete ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Development, which will give you a very beginner friendly start to the ASP.NET Core ecosystem and allow you to get up to speed quickly.

Along the way, we also author some original and unique applications to demonstrate how integrations work between our code and Microsoft Azure APIs.

Who this course is for:
Developers wanting an understanding of Microsoft Azure
Developers who want to know how to integrate with Azure via Code





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