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Metasploit Framework is the most popular exploitation tool available for developing, testing, and performing exploits. This metasploit course will teach you to utilize the deep capabilities of Metasploit for penetration testing and help you to prepare to run vulnerability assessments for organizations of any size.

Take an in-depth look at the Metasploit Framework so that you can be confident that you are using this tool to its fullest capabilities. Metasploit’s capabilities are wide, and this class will help you to prepare to run vulnerability assessments for organizations of any size. Here is what the class will cover: Fundamentals about the framework Framework organization How to install it How to contribute Usage Msfconsole Msfcli Msfvenom Resource Files Scanning Port scanning Vulnerability scanning Exploitation Network based exploit Client side exploit Browser Autopwn Local exploits Post Exploitation Meterpreter Meterpreter scripts Post exploitation modules Pivoting Privilege Escalation Information Gathering Avoiding Detection Writing Metasploit Modules Writing an exploit module Writing an auxiliary module Writing a post exploitation module Meterpreter scripting Railgun *Are you hoping to [become a penetration tester]


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What Does this Metasploit Course Cover?
Cybrary’s online Metasploit course will help you learn how to use the Metasploit Framework software for penetration testing. The goal of this course is to ensure that users are taking advantage of all that the platform has to offer. When you have completed the class, you will have in-depth knowledge of the Metasploit software, and you will be ready to offer your organization even better security and protection from cyber attacks. The course covers the following Metasploit topics: – Fundamentals about Metasploit Framework
Post Exploitation
Writing Metasploit Modules
In this course you will learn to use the Metasploit framework platform, how to perform penetration tests on applications and databases, how to perform attacks and test vulnerabilities, and how to take control over working computers. This course has a total of 5 hrs. 39 min. clock hours. Upon finishing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Who Should Take the Metasploit Training?
Every current penetration tester should have knowledge of Metasploit. Additionally, it is useful for: – Future penetration testers
Vulnerability assessment personnel
Security Engineers
Security Researchers
Any IT professional who has to test regularly to maintain compliance requirements
Any IT professional who runs scheduled testing of security infrastructure as a best practice

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