MATLAB Programming for Engineers and Scientists Specialization | Coursera

MATLAB Programming for Engineers and Scientists Specialization | Coursera
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From Zero to MATLAB Hero in Three Courses.. Gain a solid foundation in computer programming and become a MATLAB expert.

What you’ll learn
Computer programming in general and the MATLAB language in particular.
Advanced MATLAB features such as the App Designer, Live Scripts and Object-Oriented Programming.
Program efficiency and an introduction to algorithm complexity.
Image processing, data visualization and an introduction to machine learning.

Specialization – 3 course series
This Specialization aims to take learners with little to no programming experience to being able to create MATLAB programs that solve real-world problems in engineering and the sciences. The focus is on computer programming in general, but the numerous language features that make MATLAB uniquely suited to engineering and scientific computing are also covered in depth. Topics presented range from basic programming concepts in the first course, through more advanced techniques including recursion, program efficiency, Object Oriented Programming, graphical user interfaces in the second course, to data and image analysis, data visualization and machine learning in the third course.

Applied Learning Project

The Specialization includes two projects. The first one is the final project of the second course. It is about creating an object oriented application with a graphical user interface that visualizes COVID-19 related data from around the world. The second project is part of the third course and it focuses on image processing.



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