Mastering IT Interviews | Udemy

Mastering IT Interviews | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Things you need to do before applying to a job
Interview 101
Understand any Job description
Most common interview questions & answers
Salary negotiation technique

This course will come in handy to all students or existing employees that are looking to overcome their Interviews fear.

Overcoming the anxiety before attending the actual interview takes time but not just that, you’ll need to practice (a lot) as well.

Throughout this course, you’ll be learning about what is needed before applying for a job, understand what are the employers’ expectations by walking through a common job description; how to negotiate your salary based on your set of skills; the most common HR questions which the answers included and several scenarios too and a role play exercise.

Remember that just going through the course will definitely not suffice but rather it will boost your confidence to attend new interviews and why not learn how to go over a failure.

Yes, failing is part of the process and it’s ok to fail as long as it will not keep you from trying again and again until you will succeed.

Another perk is that once you’ll be purchasing the course, you will have access to the Q&A forum or the direct messages. Make sure to drop me a message and let me know if the course helped and how did your interview go.

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