Mastering Active Directory,DNS,GPOs 2019/2022 100% HANDS ON | Udemy

Mastering Active Directory,DNS,GPOs 2019/2022 100% HANDS ON | Udemy
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Learn How To Setup an Actual LAB Environment That Simulates a Company For Managing AD , DNS And GPOs ON WIN 2K19/2K22.

What you’ll learn
What is Active Directory and its benefit in a Corporate Organization . How to install and configure AD on Windows Server 2019/2022 and How to Merge.
Real World Experience Of How Active Directory Users and Computers Work Including and Not Limiting The creation and management of Objects Users,Groups,PCs,OUs.
Managing Users,Groups,Computers Through AD Users and Computers , AD Administrative Center ,and the Command Prompt.
What are GPOs . How can they affect a user or a computer. The Difference between applying GPOs at Site Level vs Domain Level vs OU Level vs Local PC.
DNS The most Critical Service in Windows . The importance of DNS . Install and Create DNS
Creating/Managing DNS Zones Either Forward Lookup or Reverse Lookup Zones that include different type of resource records and the integration of zones in AD.
Deploying a Windows Server 2019/2022/10/11
Managing AD Users, Groups and computers through AD Users and computers console and the command prompt.
Managing a trust relationship between different Companies. (Forests)
Managing Replication between Different Sites for the same company. (Same Forest)
Backup and the Recovery of AD.
What is the difference between a GC and a DC.
What are the FSMO Roles and how do they operate.
Merge from Windows Server 2019 To Windows Server 2022.
What IS A RODC And the Difference with an Actual WRDC.

About This Class ( My Entire Course is 100% HANDS ON)

Do You want to get the real world experience of Active Directory Including DNS and GPOs on Windows Server 2019 and than will merge to Windows 2022 than this course is for you. I Don’t do any PowerPoint slides instead the entire course is just Labs (Hands On Experience) as if you were working in a real environment.

Why This Class

This Short Course Will be the same as You worked as a Network Administrator For a Company For at least 2 Years that You can put on your resume because you will actually see every section in action with labs only as you did it in a real environment. (Boot Camp Class Half Day) . If you do the 12 Hour Lab that is in this class i can assure you it will be equivalent to a 2 year experience in the Field.

What Will You Gain From This Class

This course will enhance your skills in better understating by actually doing it as we were in the same classroom utilizing AD Users and Computers, AD Domains and Trusts , AD Sites and Services and of course don’t forget the GPMC and not excluding the backbone which is DNS.

In This Course you will not just learn you will actually do it yourself as if you were in an actual company doing the following:

1) How to Setup DNS Prior of install the 1st DC (In Terms of Creating the proper zone for the domain)

2) How to setup AD on the 1st Server and than the setup of AD as a replica on the 2nd Server for fault Tolerance.

3) How to create/delete/disable user accounts including reset /change passwords

4) How to create roaming profiles including home directories for users

5) How to create/delete and manage groups and understand the difference between the group types and the scopes.

6) How to Join Client PCs to the domain (First Domain which is called the parent domain and also called the Forest)

7) How to create and OU and the purpose of it

8) What are GPOs and how to configure and apply them.

9) How to establish a trust between two separate forests.

10) What are sites , sitelinks , sitelink bridges and subnets

11) How to backup and restore AD using Windows Server Backup and the AD Recycle Bin using the AD Administrative Center.

12) How to delegate control to junior admins for specific task in AD Such as reset passwords or create /delete and manage user and groups objects using a Client OS.

13) What are the FSMO Roles and the purpose of each Role

14) How to Merge between Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 DCs

15) What are Forward and Reverse lookup Zones including all resource records such as A,PTR,CNAME,SRV,SOA,MX and others.

Who is This Class For

Anybody that wants to put time and effort to learn real actual AD/DNS/GPO Skills to reflect in the IT Field. This Class will make your life much easier than what you think you know. We always learn new skills every single day in the IT Field.

Do you want to become a Real Network Administrator (Not Just on Paper) than This class is for you.

Who this course is for:
To Become a Successful Network Administrator
To Be able to Manage Windows Server 2019/2022 AD/DNS/GPOs
To Enter The IT Field With Real World Experience
To Feel Confidence About Your IT Skills.



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