Master the XSS(Cross Site Scripting) for real world Apps | Udemy

Master the XSS(Cross Site Scripting) for real world Apps | Udemy
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Learn to Find,Build,Chain,Exploit Cross-Site scripting in real world applications for bug bounty

What you’ll learn
Find XSS(Cross Site Scripting) on real world applications
Account takeovers via xss via different scenerios and custom payloads for them
Learn the manual and automated ways to find xss with deeper analysis
Learn to chain different vulnerabilities with cross site scripting(like file uploads and IDOR) and make good impacts
Learn all the attacks possible with cross site scripting(like keystrokes hijacking and web defacing )
Find multiple ways to bypass the restrictions
Privilege escalations from xss via chaining vulnerabilities
Out of band cross site scripting
Learning from real world targets and quality labs

Cross-Site Scripting is one of the known and important vulnerabilities in Bug bounty, cross scripting has ability to hijack user cookies and sessions and can possibly perform account takeover but nowadays due to increasing competition in bug bounty and more security in applications it is hard to find XSS issues we now have to rely on manual things rather than automation tools, scripts to find a better issue, in this course, I have covered a lot of fresh content and things which will be definitely new and interesting for you.

other than account takeovers I have covered other interesting attacks with xss like keylogger attacks, content manipulation attacks, and open redirection.

Additionally, i have covered the session where i am showing how you can chain xss with other vulnerabilities like file upload, IDOR etc.

From this course, you will be able to learn

Finding cross-site scripting in the real-world application

Learning how to build your own payloads for different types of attacks possible with cross-site scripting

understanding account takeovers via xss with understanding cookies, session, local storage and understanding conditions required for account takeover

Learning how to chain different vulnerabilities with xss with other vulnerabilities like file upload, IDOR(Indirect object reference), subdomain takeover, CVEs

Learning how to exploit using other vulnerabilities like open redirection, keylogger and content manipulation attack

Learning to bypass different restrictions of secure application

all the things are demonstrated via real targets and different labs resources

Upcoming videos for the course:

post message xss

some more examples of chaining

xss preventions

Disclaimer: All the things demonstrated in the course is for educational purpose only don’t use this malicious or bad way to harm any other organisation

Who this course is for:
Beginners who are looking for more great resource for learning xss
Intermediates who want to enhance power of finding xss vulnerabilities in real world applications
Advance who are looking for more decent examples and scenerios
Anyone from development side want to learn the exploitation via cross site scripting
Bugbounty hunters
IT analysts
Risk analysts
Security Analysts
Security Engineers

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