Master Text Animation with After Effects | Udemy

Master Text Animation with After Effects | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will be learning various text transformation techniques
Various advanced techniques such as Trim Path
You will learn to create 3D Isometric and Block Text
Moreover you will learn to create Text Presets and more

Welcome to this practical based tutorial on creating text animation and animated storytelling with After Effects. This is a project based short tutorial that is curated into sequence of practical exercises and tutorials that are simple, short and to the point. You will learn something new with each video lecture, that will allow you to develop your animation skills to create amazing motion graphics and visual effects.

The objective of this tutorial is to teach you various out of the box techniques for creating attractive text animations and kinetic typography. In the starting lectures, you will be introduced to various text transformation techniques, followed by various advanced techniques such as Trim Path, 3D Isometric, Block Text, Text Presets and more. During the pace of tutorial, we will be creating various components of the project with each practical exercise. At the end of the course you will learn how to combine these compositions together and export the final animated presentation.

Along with text animations, you will also learn, how to embed various images, and vectors in your animated project to do a better storytelling. You will also learn how to do storytelling in a better way, along with some design concepts such as choosing a nice color scheme, and more. So, stay assured about the course content, as you wont be learning any bogus theory or long and lazy lectures. Our main focus is to be realistic with pragmatic approach, proving you to develop some useful skills that could be a leverage in your career or hobby.

All the bests, Keep Learning.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who is interested to present their ideas with beautiful text animations and kinetic typography.
Designers, Motion Graphics Artists, Youtubers, Animators, or anyone who is interested to learn After Effects and Storytelling.

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