Master Python Basics (For Developer) | Udemy

Master Python Basics (For Developer) | Udemy
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Python Basics for Beginners who want to understand Python Basics End to End.

What you’ll learn
Very Good Understanding on Python Basics
In depth knowledge on Datatypes that includes Lists Copy, Lists Comprehension. Many other features of Datatypes.
In depth knowledge on Functions that includes Symbols Tables, Scope of Variables, Lambda Functions, Decorators, Generators and Recursive Functions
In depth knowledge on Classes that includes basics OOPS concepts, detailed lectures on Class Components, Inheritance, Containerships and Abstract Classes

The ideal student for this course are students

– Who are new to programming OR

– Are the ones who want to learn Python from the scratch.

This course starts talking about Python from the very basics. This course will lead you from Basics to Datatypes to Functions to Classes to Exceptions to Packages to Modules.

Following are the prime contents to Python Basics course.

1. Built-In Objects

2. Booleans

3. Copy Lists

4. List Comprehensions

5. Dictionary Operations

6. Scope Of Variables

7. Packing and Unpacking Arguments

8. Functions as Ordered Objects

9. Detailed Lambda Functions

10. Function Decorator Examples (4 Kinds of Decorators)

11. Generator Functions with Examples

12. Python Class (OOPS implementation)

13. Class Decorator Examples (4 Kinds of Decorators)

14. Class Generators with Examples

15. Exception Blocks with Examples

16. User Defined Exceptions with Examples

17. Python Packages

18. Python Modules

This course is the first step towards data science journey.

Primary benefit of the course is that you will understand the basics of programming language and the concepts are universal to many other Bigdata programming languages. So, if you are looking to learn other Bigdata programming languages then you will mostly have to spend time learning on syntaxes.

As I progress, I am planning to include lots of examples, exercises, quizzes as I will progress on this course. Also will include many more lectures and concepts in short time.

Who this course is for:
For Python Developers, who want to to have basics strong so that they can build on Data Analytics, ML and AI fields.



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