Master Nuxt 3 – Full-Stack Complete Guide | Udemy

Master Nuxt 3 – Full-Stack Complete Guide | Udemy
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Unlock Nuxt 3 & Vue Mastery: Build a Markdown Blog-Portfolio & Supabase Finance Tracker

What you’ll learn
Mastering Nuxt 3 fundamentals and advanced features
Creating a full-fledged blog and portfolio using Markdown
Styling applications effectively with Tailwind CSS
Implementing file-based routing in Nuxt for content management
Utilizing layouts for reusable page structures
Adding a dark/light mode selector to enhance user experience
Building a finance tracker app with Nuxt and Supabase
Leveraging composables for reusable logic
CRUD operations with Supabase
Implementing Row Level Security (RLS) for data permissions in Supabase
User authentication with Supabase Auth
Handling file uploads in a full-stack application
Integrating the NuxtUI component library for a polished UI
Applying best practices in full-stack development with Nuxt and Vue
Access to full source code for hands-on learning and troubleshooting

Dive deep into the world of Nuxt 3 with this all-encompassing guide. Geared for developers eager to unlock the full power of the Nuxt 3 framework, this course offers you an intensive, project-based learning experience that will make you a full-stack Nuxt maestro.

Kick off your journey with the construction of a markdown-powered blog and portfolio. Learn how to effortlessly style it with Tailwind CSS, and get to grips with Nuxt’s file-based routing to manage your content like a pro. Utilize built-in layouts to create reusable structure across different pages. Plus, level up the user experience by implementing a dark/light mode selector.

Then, escalate your skill set by developing a robust finance tracker application using Nuxt and Supabase. Master the art of creating composables and discover how to execute operations like getting, inserting, and updating data efficiently with Supabase. Explore Row Level Security (RLS) to manage data permissions and tap into Supabase Auth for seamless user authentication. Get hands-on with file uploads and make your app more interactive and functional. Integrate the NuxtUI component library to give your app a polished look and feel.

Through these projects, you’ll explore best practices for Nuxt and Vue development that can be universally applied to any full-stack project. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck; the course comes complete with full source code for each project. Don’t miss the chance to unlock your full-stack potential. Dive in now.

Who this course is for:
Developers looking to transition from frontend to full-stack using Nuxt 3 and Vue
Experienced Vue developers aiming to specialize in Nuxt 3 for more robust projects
Backend developers interested in mastering modern full-stack frameworks and libraries
Professionals in need of building real-world projects
Teams seeking to upskill their developers in best practices for Nuxt, Vue, and Supabase development



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