Master Excel and Solve 500 Problems (Beginner – Advanced) | Udemy

Master Excel and Solve 500 Problems (Beginner – Advanced) | Udemy [Update 11/2023]
English | Size: 71.81 GB
Genre: eLearning

Learning MS Excel Functions, Tools, Dashboards, Power Pivot, Power Query and VBA with Practice.

What you’ll learn
Solve easy, medium and difficult problems using functions;
Use various tools to clean and arrange the data;
Build automated dashboards using Power Pivot, Power Query and Pivot Tables;
Record and write VBA codes to automate operations;
Master shortcuts.

This MS Excel course covers all levels – from beginner to advanced. The course includes 500 chronologically structured video tutorials in which student can learn how different complexity level problems can be solved using various functions and tools. Every video tutorial has its own worksheet where problem definition is explained in detail.

The main point the course covers are:

Formulas and functions – the course is highly concentrated on formulas and functions. We start from the most basic mathematical formulas, like how to write 2+2=4 in a cell. In later video tutorials, as the problems become more and more complex, students will learn how to write nested functions and some of the solutions even require nesting up to 10 different functions inside each other;

Tools – covered up to 20 different excel tools that help to clean and arrange the data, create user templates, visualize the data, etc.;

Charts and Dashboards – the course includes creating different types of charts and building dashboards to visualize the data using Power Query, Power Pivot and Pivot Tables;

VBA Macros – included videos on how to record macros, write VBA codes manually, build user forms, build codes that run on specific triggers and creating user defined functions using VBA.

In addition to the points listed above, the course includes some of the most commonly used shortcuts, using $ signs in functions, working with different worksheets at the same time and much more.

As an additional material, glossary supporting file is provided where students can find the list of all 500 videos with the indication of:

Problem complexity;

Functions/tools to be used to solve the problem;

Suggestion on every video whether the problem should be solved independently (Do it yourself) or should the user watch the video and solve the problem along with instructor (Watch video).

This file makes it easy for the users to navigate through the course and find the videos they are interested in.

Let the practice begin!

Who this course is for:
Beginner user – if you want to know the basic tools and formulas;
Intermediate user – if you know the basics and want to advance the knowledge;
Advanced user – if you want to get familiar with VBA, Power Pivot, Power Query and be able to write complicated nested functions;
If you want to get practice, because: PRACTICE IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN!



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