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Master English Conversation – Pre-Intermediate Level | Udemy [Update 02/2024]
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Learn English with an experienced British native

What you’ll learn
How to use tenses fluently
How to employ modal verbs, stative verbs, and dynamic verbs
How to use conditional forms
How to use articles (a, an, the)
How to use linking words
How and when to use gerunds, infinitives, and to + infinitive
How to use verbs with similar meanings (e.g. talk, speak, say, tell OR see, look, watch)

Welcome to my English course for pre-intermediate students. This course is the ‘sequel’ to Master English Conversation Beginner Level. On this course, you will learn the difference between stative and dynamic verbs, which will help you master our difficult tense system. By the end of the course, you will have progressed to an intermediate level, because you will have studied the most important grammar topics at this level. I am a British teacher, with more than 20 years’ experience, who enjoys using a variety of methods to teach students. I use a white board to explain how the grammar works, and I often use pictures to teach new vocabulary. Please speak to your monitor when you are doing this course, and your conversational skills will improve quickly.

The course includes the following:

Downloadable lectures on the most important grammar topics. (tenses, countability, prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives, conditionals, gerunds, infinitives, comparatives, superlatives, articles, linking words, questions, and passive)

A range of topics that will enhance your vocabulary (useful verbs, common verbs phrases, body, appearance, food and drink, daily routine, clothes, holidays, feelings)

I speak slowly at the beginning of this course, although I get faster by the middle of the course, as I am confident you will understand me. After all, you are no longer a beginner! You are moving towards intermediate level.

Repetition of the vocabulary in different lessons and quizzes, so that the new words and phrases are easier to memorize

Quizzes after each and every lecture. I have included a Sherlock Holmes story (Silver Blaze), because I want to demonstrate that your English skills are already sharp enough to fully comprehend some classics of English Literature. You will listen to me read the story, then complete the comprehension exercises.

Ask questions on the Q and A section if you need clarification, and I respond within 24 hours

Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes (for example, the confusion between say and tell)

New lectures uploaded every month

Lifetime membership

Who this course is for:
Pre-intermediate students of English as a second language



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