Master Advanced PHP Debugging with XDebug: Ultimate Guide | Udemy

Master Advanced PHP Debugging with XDebug: Ultimate Guide | Udemy
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How To Debug Your PHP Code With The Advanced Tools and Use Xdebug Like Professionals

What you’ll learn
How to Understand Xdebug: Dive into its mechanics and functionality.
Setting Up Xdebug: Quick steps for installation and configurations with PHPStorm and VS Code.
How to Debug Efficiently: Use Xdebug to swiftly identify and rectify bugs.
Test Case Debugging with Xdebug: Get in-depth insights and solutions for your test cases.
Upgrading `var_dump` with Develop Mode: A hands-on guide for superior code inspection.
Profiling Mastery with Xdebug: Delve into Profile Mode and understand its power for performance insights.
Visualizing Profiling Data: Techniques to pinpoint performance bottlenecks effectively.
How to Ensure Comprehensive Test Coverage: Harness Xdebug’s Coverage Mode for detailed test analysis.
Exploring Trace Mode: Get unparalleled insights into your code’s execution flow.
How to Debug CLI Commands: Step-by-step guide for efficient debugging.
Master Remote Debugging: Set up and use SSH for in-depth remote debugging insights.
Debugging APIs: Practical methods using Postman for effective API troubleshooting.

Unlock the potential of the most powerful debugging tool for PHP: XDebug. Wave goodbye to the days of using var_dump, die, and echo for troubleshooting. Elevate your debugging skills to a professional level and revolutionize your problem-solving process.

Why Choose This Course?

Deep Dive into XDebug: Understand the mechanics behind XDebug, and how it communicates with browsers, PHP, and various IDEs.

Hands-On Setup: A step-by-step guide to installing and configuring XDebug, be it on Linux, PHPStorm, Visual Studio Code, or within a Docker environment.

Master Debugging Techniques: From step debugging to profiling requests, uncover performance hitches and memory bottlenecks.

Explore XDebug’s 3 Modes: Deepen your understanding of profile mode, coverage mode, and trace mode to optimize application performance and test quality.

Beyond Local Debugging: Learn how to set up Xdebug within Docker or remote debugging through SSH, debug CLI commands, and even API requests using Postman.

Extra Section: Dive into special topics that address specific needs – ensuring you’re equipped for any debugging challenge.

Interactive Learning: Have a question? Join our dynamic community or reach out directly through social media. We’re here to support your learning journey every step of the way.

Course Overview:

Introduction: Welcome and Course Breakdown

XDebug Demystified: How It Works with PHP & IDEs

Setup & Configuration: Making XDebug Work for You

Advanced Debugging Techniques: From Profiling to Tracing

IDE-Specific Guides: PHPStorm & Visual Studio Code Walkthroughs

XDebug in Depth: Exploring the 3 Modes for Deeper Insights

Extra Content: Remote Debugging, CLI Commands, API Debugging, and More!

Outcome: By the end of this comprehensive guide, not only will you confidently troubleshoot and debug any PHP project, but you’ll also have an intimate understanding of your code, ensuring robust and optimized performance.

Who this course is for:
Beginner PHP Developers Who want to Start the advanced level of Debugging
Professional PHP Developers who want to Maser Xdebug and its features



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