Managing Kubernetes Clusters with Lens 5 | Pluralsight

Managing Kubernetes Clusters with Lens 5 | Pluralsight
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This course will teach you how to monitor and manage all your Kubernetes clusters through a single tool: Lens.

What you’ll learn
Managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, especially different versions, is a complex task. In this course, Managing Kubernetes Clusters with Lens 5, you’ll learn to use Lens as your central management tool for all your Kubernetes Clusters. First, you’ll explore what Lens is and how to install it. Next, you’ll discover how to integrate your existing Kubernetes Cluster with your Lens installation. Finally, you’ll learn how to deploy and monitor workloads to Kubernetes through Lens. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of managing Kubernetes clusters with Lens needed to control your entire Kubernetes estate through one single tool.



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