Make Money Online: Methods & Tools Digital Marketers Use | Udemy

Make Money Online: Methods & Tools Digital Marketers Use | Udemy
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Learn how to create and monetize on: TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook and a Podcast + Learn new tools digital marketers use

What you’ll learn
Create additional streams of revenue online, or increase your current streams using the knowledge you’ll gain from this course. This includes:
Learn the key free tools used by digital marketers to make their lives easier, and their work look better
Discover the right way to use LinkedIn to increase your revenue including: events, newsletters and live features
Learn how to create and publish your own Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website, business or online lead generation forms
Get equipped with the knowledge to create and publish your own podcast, while simultaneously earning revenue from it
Level up your TikTok game by learning how to create viral videos, and how to monetize your channel in any country

This 2 Hour video course is designed to teach you the fundamental tools that social media influencers use to make their work easier, and look more professional, and then put those tools to work in order to increase your online revenue, or add new revenue streams to your bottom line!

– The Tools Marketers Use: This chapter is our introduction, and talks about tools that we digital marketers and social media influencers use to make our lives easier, and our work look more professional. There is a free version of each one and paid versions if you end up using them a lot. Some of the tools are also covered in the chapters as we move through the course.

– Use LinkedIn to Grow Revenue: LinkedIn has some (somewhat) secret, free capabilities that will help you grow your influence and bottom line. Whether your focus is on adding new revenue streams or growing your current ones, LinkedIn will be a wonderful place to start.

– Publish a Facebook Ad for You or Your Business: Want to drive more traffic to your website? Need more signups or leads? Facebook is still the #1 place to run targeted advertisements online to find highly engaged new customers. This chapter will show you exactly how to create and publish a Facebook ad for your business.

– Create a Podcast and Earn Money With it: Creating and publishing a podcast on all channels shouldn’t be daunting. This chapter will show you the tools and platforms you need to bootstrap together a podcast, edit it, publish it everywhere and then start making sponsorship money with it.

– Get 100K TikTok Followers & Monetize: One of the best places to earn additional money online is through TikTok. This chapter covers creating a channel that will be fun to use and earn you additional revenue.

Who this course is for:
Small Business Owners
Digital Marketers
Authors & Self Publishers

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