Magical Butterfly FX in Houdini | Udemy

Magical Butterfly FX in Houdini | Udemy
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Learn To Create Magical FX In Houdini

What you’ll learn
We will learn to create Magical FX
We will learn about Houdini Particles
We will learn about Houdini Smoke Simulation
We will learn about Particles Advection in Houdini
We will learn about Solaris
We will learn to Render using Karma XPU
We will learn compositing in after effects

Hello and welcome to this magical fx course. We are going to create magical butterfly FX in Houdini.

Some Of The Topics Covered In This Course

Creating Geometry With Alpha Maps

Procedural Animation With CHOPs (Channel Operators)

Soft Body Simulations With Vellum

Forcing Vellum Constraint To Follow Animation

Particles Simulation

Shading Particles With Image Texture

Particles Advection

Smoke Simulation

Working Inside Solaris/LOPs

Working With MaterialX Shaders

Rendering With Karma XPU

Compositing In After Effects

First we will start with creating the butterfly wings and then we are going use the chops to create wings procedural flapping animation.

We will use vellum to simulate butterfly wings and after that we will use particles simulation to emit particles from butterfly wings.

we will learn how to color our particles with image texture.

we will create smoke simulation and use the smoke simulation velocities to advect our particles.

we will learn how to import all our scene in to LOPs Solaris for lighting and shading and for rendering.

we will learn how to use the Karma XPU to render our magical fx.

And we will finish our course of by composting inside of after effects.

we will learn how we can import our rendered sequence and passes in the correct OCIO color space.

this course is for anyone who is looking to polish their houdini skills and want to add magical fx in their portfolio.

We got lot to cover so without further ado let’s get to it

Who this course is for:
Anyone who is looking to polish their Houdini skills



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