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What you’ll learn
Learn how to self host WordPress sites using LiteSpeed Web Server
Learn how to HARDEN and OPTIMIZE an Ubuntu VPS ( server )
Learn how to Harden and Optimize a WordPress site from the server side
Learn the entire workflow of how to self host multiple WordPress sites on a VPS using LiteSpeed Web Server
Learn why LiteSpeed is the future of self hosting WordPress sites – performance, security and easy to configure


84x the performance of Apache | 12x the performance of nginx

If the above statement is not enough for you to seriously consider hosting your WordPress sites using LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS), then you can also consider the following:

Caching is one of the most important aspects of improving WordPress performance. With LSWS, you wont be using a third party caching plugin, you will be using the best ALL IN ONE PERFORMANCE plugin currently available. LITESPEED CACHE for WORDPRESS. LSCWP is designed to work with the actual web server and to take advantage of the built in performance features that LSWS offers.

Apart from the built in performance features of LiteSpeed Web Server, there are also the security features built into the web server: DDoS, brute force protection, web application firewall and hot linking protection.

As these performance and security features are built in, they are easily implemented and without causing any conflicts with the WordPress core. These built in features can easily replace the functionality of 4 or 5 different plugins.

LiteSpeed Web Server is the future of WordPress hosting. It offers the compatibility of Apache and the speed of nginx when hosting WordPress sites.

With the recent data breach of over 1.2 milllion WordPress customers at a certain web host, it’s really time you consider self hosting your WordPress sites. Why rely on your host for security? Self hosting is much more secure and the entire process is actually very easy.

This course covers the entire workflow of self hosting WordPress sites using LiteSpeed Web Server.

We start with a blank slate and layer by layer configure an Ubuntu server. I will teach you, step by step, to a point where you will have the skill, knowledge and confidence to host multiple hardened and optimized WordPress sites. You will need no support from your host. You will be your own system administrator.

This course covers the entire spectrum of configuring an Ubuntu based server. We will cover everything from initial server configuration to installing LiteSpeed, MariaDB and LSPHP80. Once installed, we will configure, harden and optimize the various packages. The WordPress sites we create will also hardened and optimized. Then we will move on to installing SSL certificates optimizing the database.

The most important aspect of any server is security. I don’t just glance over this aspect, every configuration step you will take is geared towards security. Installing a WordPress “security plugin” does not secure your server or your WordPress site. Some “security plugins” are a source of vulnerabilities themselves.

After security we need to look at optimization. Speed is everything and LiteSpeed delivers WordPress sites at blazingly fast speeds. We will use a varied approach to optimization – from memcached and Redis to the excellent LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin – you can be assured – your page speed scores will sky rocket…

By the end of this course, you will be ready to reap the benefits.

Add a new revenue stream and start earning additional income hosting your own sites using LiteSpeed. There will be numerous new services you will be adding to your resume as a web developer. You will be able to charge for numerous new services – site hosting, site optimization, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installation and renewal and even a monthly maintenance fee.

This course was not designed to be completed locally, on your pc or mac or using one of the many available “Virtual Machines”. Oracle’s VirtualBox is one example. The aim of the course is to instruct you on how to setup a secure/hardened hosting environment and then host multiple hardened WordPress sites on a commercially purchased VPS or dedicated server.

This course is not a lab experiment with no real-world application.

I want you to able to look at server logs and see how malicious users and bots are scanning your server, probing and looking for vulnerabilities. You need to be able to see the result of your hardening – banning, blocking, rate limiting – in your server logs. This cannot be done in a VM.

This course is based on LiteSpeed Web Server and not OpenLiteSpeed.

All that’s left is for you to sign up for this course and start your wonderful journey as your very own system administrator running multiple WordPress sites on a LiteSpeed based server.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to host blazingly fast WordPress sites using LiteSpeed
Any WordPress site owner who wants to move from shared hosting to self managed hosting
Site owners who are tired of slow, unsecured and oversubscribed shared web hosting servers
Anyone who is frustrated with shared web hosts support, learn to do it yourself with this course, become your own server admin, its easy!!!
Web Developers, add a new revenue stream by offering additional services, you can boost your income drastically

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