Linux Magazine Special Editions – Linux Shell Handbook, 2024 Edition

Linux Magazine Special Editions – Linux Shell Handbook, 2024 Edition
English | eBook | Size: 77.24 MB

Linux Shell Handbook 2024 Edition / Feb 2024
Think like the experts: The powerful Bash shell provides a comprehensive collection of utilities for configuring and troubleshooting Linux systems.

Before the icons, menus, and wobbly windows of the modern Linux user environment, users managed and interacted with their systems from the command line. Many advanced users still prefer to work from the keyboard, and many will tell you that exploring the command-line environment is the best way to build a deeper understanding of Linux.

The Linux Shell Handbook is a thorough primer on the Bourne Again Shell (Bash) environment found on most Linux systems. You’ll learn to navigate, manipulate text, work with regular expressions, and customize your Bash settings. We’ll show you shell utilities for configuring hardware, setting up users and groups, managing processes, and installing software – and we’ll even help you get started creating your own Bash scripts to automate recurring tasks. Keep the Linux Shell Handbook beside your computer as a permanent desktop reference on the world of the terminal window.

Also in this must-have special issue:
• Introducing Bash
• File Management
• Search Tools
• Regular Expressions
• Pipes and Redirection
• Customizing Bash
• Text Manipulation Tools
• Hardware Configuration
• fdisk, gdisk, and parted
• Configuring Filesystems
• mount and fstab
• Time Tools
• Users and Groups
• Accessing Permissions
• su and sudo
• systemd
• Managing Processes
• Package Management
• dd and mkmisofs/genisoimage/xorrisofs
• Networking Tools
• Internet Tools
• Rsync
• Cron and At
• Bash Scripting
• Images and PDFs

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