LinkedIn Learning – Unit Testing in Go

LinkedIn Learning – Unit Testing in Go
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Hello Everybody, in this course we are going to learn everything that you need to know about creating a advanced dynamic inventory system

we will start with very basic stuff like importing files

then we start with the money management system for the UI

after that we start designing the health bar similar to legends of zelda health bar

next we will learn about the Tab system in unreal engine 5

then we will learn how to pick items up

then we will be creating a dynamic inventory System we learn to work with arrays and structures.

we will also learn about components and why we should use them

we also learn about how to write code in a modular way so it can be reusable within your game.

next we will create item holders and item info widgets so we can hover over a specific item that will give us the information value like power, name, and description.

Then we will also learn how to add a 3d body to our UI

Also we learn how to use and equip items

at the end we learn about drag and drop and how it works completely

we have a very active friendly discord channel that you can join and ask your questions and get help

we have a legend there that is always around and willing to help

so let us begin, and I hope you really enjoy the course This course is for both Beginners and intermediate users so I have tried my best to accommodate everyone in this course, Thank you.

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